Thursday, 12 January 2017

Review: The Jolly Poacher, Brighton

I first visited The Jolly Poacher on one of my Sunday roast missions back in 2015 and gave it a solid 8/10, declaring theirs to be 'the best roast potatoes in the 60 places I've tried'. I followed that up by saying how keen I was to go back and try more of their menu, then I promptly forgot all about them really, until very recently.

I always have a little peruse of the internet in advance of a visit to a restaurant, but it's not often, if at all, that I consult TripAdvisor, however as no one had written anything about it at all* (other than a certain local advertorial site) I was left with no choice. My short trawl through the reviews left me feeling like perhaps Fran (The Graphic Foodie) and I, were going to be in for a rough, and expensive ride. There were some 'jolly' good japes about the name that gave me a few lols though, so worth a look for those alone.

* After my visit I had another look for reviews and found this one  from 2014, by another food blogger called Rosie, turns out she'd an almost identical meal to ours... but hers was in June, which makes you wonder about how seasonally led the menu really is.


Thursday, 15 December 2016

Review: The Naan Hut, Brighton

When I heard the name 'The Naan Hut' it immediately conjured up a mental picture of something like Roti King, somewhere whose food I frequently perv on on Instagram - somewhere that the pillowy breads are the main event, either stuffed with authentic fillings or used to mop up a bowl of rich curry... sadly it was not to be.

I can't remember where I found out about The Naan Hut, but it certainly wasn't through any marketing efforts on their part. Other than a basic website, their online presence seems to consist of a Facebook page which hasn't been updated since 2015, and not a lot else.

I'm not sure what the vision was when they wrote their business plan, but looks it like an internet cafe, has the atmosphere of a 'caff' and calls itself a delicatessen. Confused? I think the owners might be. I did try to glean a bit more info from the 'about' section of their Facebook page, but guess what...


Wednesday, 14 December 2016

19 places to eat out in Brighton and Hove

I've finally come to terms with the fact that I'm not going to get round to writing individual reviews for the plethora (well in excess of 20) meals out I had in October and November. Putting them altogether into one ginormous round up makes my life easier, and you lot seem to love them - my 2015 best Brighton food (2016 version incoming soon) is the second most viewed post I've ever written - so chow down on this one and I promise to try and do better in 2017.

Some of these places are new to me (and may be followed up with a more detailed write up) and others are revisits and/or firm favourites, in which case I will link to previous reviews.

Disclaimer - I know this may seem like an outrageous amount of times to have eaten out in two months, it probably is, but it was my Birthday, a few were invitations (freebies marked with an asterisk) and the rest were... well, me just doing what I do. Enjoy!


Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Review: Giggling Squid, Brighton

I've been on a bit of a Thai food tip recently, Cafe Chilli and Kanok Thai have both had recent visits, so when an invitation came up to review Giggling Squid's Christmas menu, I ho ho ho hot-footed it down there (that was terrible, shut up Rosie).

It's traditional Thai food for the English palate, in relaxed and informal surroundings. Great for groups, families or tables of two, I can't imagine an audience it wouldn't please so it's easy to see why they're constantly expanding, with nearly 20 sites open and more planned for 2017.

It's probably my fourth visit to their Brighton branch but I've not written about it since 2012 (review here), and it was my first time eating supper here, having previously always visited at lunch time.


Sunday, 27 November 2016

Review: Kanok Thai, Brighton

After a mixed experience at Cafe Chilli in Hove (review here), I was on the hunt for somewhere great to eat Thai in Brighton, and you lovely lot recommended Kanok Thai, on Preston Street.

*Insert generic paragraph about Preston Street becoming quite the foodie destination* - let's get over it now, it used to be a shit-hole but there's some fab places to eat there, and has been for ages.

I did a brief summary of Brighton's Thai food landscape a few months ago, but some things have changed (this city stops for no one), so here's a slightly revised version.

'I love Thai' - I really liked it but I was gutted to hear they closed a few months ago. UPDATE: They have reopened as MyeMye, and are now on my list!
Giggling Squid - good, if a bit charmless. Their lunch sets are fab value. UPDATE: Visited last week and a new review is coming up shortly.
UniThai - my favourite but not somewhere you can have a long and leisurely meal, and they don't deliver or stay open after 8:30pm either. What they sell is delicious, and authentic, but there's not a huge variety and the service is very definitely 'no frills'. UPDATE: Apparently they have opened a Thai cafe called Papaya on George Street in Hove... to be investigated!
Sawadee - is fine, I've been twice in the last few years and it's just... fine.
Kemp Thai - I loved the first takeaway I had from there, but haven't been back, despite it being pretty much on my doorstep. I remember it being pricey, but must add to the revisit list...
Bangkok Express- Used to be a big fan but it's very inconsistent (other than it's seemingly permanent 1/5 hygiene rating) and I had a truly mediocre takeaway from Thai pad Thai recently too.

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