Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Review: Vegetarian food at MEATliquor Brighton

Recently my flatmate messaged me telling me she had some bad news... I thought she was going to tell me she was moving out, but actually, she had become a vegetarian. I'm not going to lie, I was pretty distraught, but after I came to terms with her bombshell, I decided I should try to be supportive, so the invitation* to come and try out MEATliquor's limited edition vegetarian specials came at just the right time.

If ever there was a restaurant which is not synonymous with vegetarian food, I'd say MEATliquor is pretty up there. My colleague Helen, also a vegetarian, literally gags at the mention of its name, so if I used this as a barometer of feeling about this restaurant from the non flesh consuming community, MEATliquor were going to need to do something pretty spectacular to win them over. 

FULL DISCLAIMER: I am friendly with the team who work at MEATliquor Brighton, as well as the senior management and owners, this in no way affects anything I write about them.

Monday, 13 February 2017

Holy Phok, Hove

Brighton is a bit short on options when it comes to Vietnamese restaurants, so when I heard about the opening of Holy Phok late last year, I pencilled in a date with one of my very favourite eating partners, Fran (The Graphic Foodie) and we crossed the border to Hove in search of the good stuff.

I am not even going to attempt any 'phok' related puns, I tried out a few in my mind but they definitely weren't anything even resembling funny - so I'll spare us all.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

These are a few of my favourite things - January

I think I've finally come to terms with the fact that my weekly favourite things posts are a thing of the past. They've always been well read, are a great way for me to fit random bits and bobs that I've loved and a nice way to reflect back on all of the things that make me feel happy and grateful, so doing an end of month round up feels like the best way to go, in terms of manageability. I'll try to make sure the next one goes up by March 1.

January as a whole has been fine, actually, perhaps because I wasn't imposing hideous restrictions on myself, like everyone else around me seemed to be. I've had a couple of really bad migraines, and the cough/cold thing everyone seems to be going down with, but other than that, it's not been a bad start to the year.

I've got lots of foodie related things coming up in the next few weeks, I have meals booked in at MEATliquor and Cin Cin this week both of which I'm really looking forward to. Even more excitingly, I'm getting my blog redesigned! I've been meaning to migrate to WordPress for ages so I'm (the person I am paying) getting that sorted as I type, so expect that coming to a screen near you soon.

Monday, 30 January 2017

Best of Brighton food 2016

I'm late, again, I know, I know. I had all of the very best intentions about knuckling down with my blog over the Christmas break, but it just didn't happen, for various reasons, better late than never though.

I've read a few of these round up posts now and it made me even more certain that I was going to keep to the same format as I did last year, my best meal of every month of the year. So whilst some of the choices might not necessarily be 'the best' restaurants in Brighton, they are the restaurants which fed me the best that month. If you follow me on social media (if you don't then please do) you'll know that there will have been numerous meals out that they'll have beaten to claim the top spot.

Five have returned from last year's post (you can read that here) and I don't think most of them will come as a surprise, they've - appeared in everyone else's lists too - they're just really, really, good - simple as that.

All but one of these meals were paid for by me and/or the person I was dining with, but any comps, as always, are clearly marked with an asterisk.


Thursday, 12 January 2017

Review: The Jolly Poacher, Brighton

I first visited The Jolly Poacher on one of my Sunday roast missions back in 2015 and gave it a solid 8/10, declaring theirs to be 'the best roast potatoes in the 60 places I've tried'. I followed that up by saying how keen I was to go back and try more of their menu, then I promptly forgot all about them really, until very recently.

I always have a little peruse of the internet in advance of a visit to a restaurant, but it's not often, if at all, that I consult TripAdvisor, however as no one had written anything about it at all* (other than a certain local advertorial site) I was left with no choice. My short trawl through the reviews left me feeling like perhaps Fran (The Graphic Foodie) and I, were going to be in for a rough, and expensive ride. There were some 'jolly' good japes about the name that gave me a few lols though, so worth a look for those alone.

* After my visit I had another look for reviews and found this one  from 2014, by another food blogger called Rosie, turns out she'd an almost identical meal to ours... but hers was in June, which makes you wonder about how seasonally led the menu really is.

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