Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Review: Gluten free tea with with Kate Henry, at The Polygon pop up, Brighton

I consider myself to be a cake enthusiast, I buy a lot of it, I eat a lot of it but I don't make a lot of it, because despite the name of my blog, I find baking highly stressful and I'd rather leave it to the experts.

Kate Henry, is definitely an expert, eversince she took part in GBBO and was runner up I've had a girl crush on her of epic proportions. I'd like to say I played it cool the first time I met her, but I didn't, I squealed in an uncool fashion and got a selfie which I shamelessly plastered all over my various social networks. 

Since then I've met her a few times, and now I actually know her, I love her even more, and was thrilled to be invited* to her afternoon tea event at The Polygon pop up, and intrigued to see how she was going to make it delicious, with line up almost entirely devoid of sugar, gluten and carbs... AKA all of the good shit!

Monday, 1 August 2016

Review: Juicytox Platinum 4 day Juice Cleanse

My 2015 Juicytox juice cleanse was the first time I'd ever done anything even close to going on a diet, nevermind a fast, so it will forever be etched into my memory (as well as those of my poor colleagues who had to tolerate my incessant whining).

Fast forward nine months and a message landed in my inbox from Mr Juicytox himself, Rob, letting me know that he was launching a new ‘platinum cleanse’ and that he wasn’t going to let another blogger touch it until ‘his favourite had’ – the flatterer…. Once again I filed it under ‘hmmmm, maybe in a few months’ and sure enough, after a gluttonous few weeks, I found myself agreeing to go ‘nil’ by mouth for four days, again.

I was given a lot of shit the last time I did this; ‘you don’t need to lose weight’ ‘these things are just a fad’ ‘why on earth would you do such a thing?!’ so I did my best to explain all of the whys, wherefores and all of the details of this juice cleanse (not detox) in my absolute monster of a write up. Rather than repeat myself on some of the finer points, check that one out.


Sunday, 31 July 2016

Review: BrewDog Beer School, Brighton

Riddle me this; what does a food blogger do the night before embarking on a four day juice-only diet?... goes to beer school, that's what!

I like beer. I know bugger all about it, but I like it, so when the opportunity to review the BrewDog Brighton beer school - aka an evening of booze paired with cheese and meat, well I didn't need to be asked twice.

FULL DISCLAIMER: a very dear friend of mine is a Sales Manager at BrewDog, and it was her who organised for me to come in and review*, but this will in no way influence what I write on here, it's just fortunate (mainly for our friendship) that I had a right good evening *breathes a sigh of relief*.
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