REVIEW: Aloka, Brighton

Last Saturday was my beloved Mother’s Birthday. For those of you that don’t know me you won’t know how much I ADORE her.  She is quite literally the loveliest, kindest and most generous person you’ll ever meet.  I could wax lyrical about her all day but I think this one example sums up the sort of person she is.  Over lunch (which I shall tell you about in a minute) she told me that last year, when her car was snowed in on the driveway she had taken to leaving it unlocked “just in case someone was cold and wanted to sleep in it”… bless her x

For months, maybe even years she’s been trying to persuade me to eat in Aloka with her and up until now I’d entirely resisted, however her 58th Birthday wasn’t an occasion I felt I could negotiate on, in fact, I think I might even have suggested it. (Yes 58, looks pretty friggin’ amazing for an old bird doesn’t she!) 

Aloka is a vegetarian, vegan & raw food cafe which pretty much sums up my aversion to going there.  Don’t get me wrong, I know that vegetarian food is nutritious, can be delicious, is kinder to the environment etc etc, but when I go out to eat I will always choose a meat or fish dish, that’s just the way I am.  I wasn’t expecting to have my mind changed.

It’s buffet style dining and instead of paying an all inclusive fee you fill up your plate and then weigh it to determine what the price is.  A clever move on their part I thought as you’d have to be a real tight arse to go and start putting food back to reduce the price of your meal!

So in for a penny, in for a pound I piled my plate high with a whole host of things that I couldn’t help but think would have been a fantastic accompaniment for all manner of meat or fish dishes.

Clockwise from the top: Potato wedges Rocket hummus, olives, vegetable slice with mustard cream, Mustard coleslaw, Kale, orange and pear salad,  fruity quinoa, sprouts and tofu with lentils &  Creamy aubergine & sweet potato bake.

All in all it was pretty nice, it was all really fresh and didn’t seem like it had been sitting around for ages and I saw the dishes being regularly replenished by the chef, although the aubergine bake was at best luke warm as were the potato wedges but it was all tasty.  

Did I feel it would’ve been improved by some sort of meat or fish? Yes, definitely.  Would I recommend it?  To a vege/vegan/health food fanatic- absolutely.  Would I come back again? I wouldn’t be opposed to it but I wouldn’t suggest it.  Still not sure how I feel about seeing the actual weight of the food I consumed in black and white either, I’m hoping that the half kilo (shown below) included the weight of the plate…


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  1. January 17, 2012 / 4:30 am

    Nice honest review Rosie!
    I thought you went to the restaurant upstairs, but it was a much better move to go for the buffet food downstairs because the food upstairs would have freaked you out! 🙂
    Next time you are in for a vegetarian adventure with your mum, try Idyea on Kensington gardens, I find their food way more down to earth and creative than the food you get at Aloka's buffet. Plus, while their vegan food is very yummie, you still have vegetarian options (with cheese). And they have some pretty amazing vegan cakes… You will definitely not leave that place feeling hungry 🙂

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