REVIEW: Plateau, Brighton

“French tapas” may sound like an oxymoron as the word tapas is almost always synonomous with Spanish food, but french food served tapas style is a big part of what Plateau does, only they don’t call their smaller dishes tapas, they call them “bites”…

Plateau describes itself as “a unique bar à vin & restaurant with a passion for great food & wine and To soak up the wine we serve ‘bites’, small dishes perfect to share or great as a starter. Follow your ‘bites’ with a ‘plat’ & that’s our dinner”

It was a tossup as to whether we went here or The Coal Shed  I agonised for hours (literally hours, I think I have serious issues) and sought advice from my foodie friends on Facebook but I still couldn’t make up my mind so after window shopping both the menus I made Nick decide, and the boy did good!

For all my banging on about tapas, we didn’t actually have any!  We did, however, sample one of their starter ‘plats’ -The Plateau de poissons fumes, a selection of smoked fish: Tuna, swordfish, eel, salmon, chargrilled bread, grissini, marinated artichoke and grapefruit dressing.

The starter photos aren’t fantastic quality as the restaurant had “mood” lighting (with a flash looked crap) and I was trying not to draw attention to the fact I was taking dozens of photos!

It was absolutely delicious and for £14 I thought it was good value.  We also ordered a bread basket with hummus & beetroot cream to dip and some Jersey rock oysters with shallot vinaigrette.  One of my best friends and his whole family were struck down with food poisoning after eating dodgy oysters on Christmas eve so I was a little dubious about eating them, but I’m delighted to say that neither of us suffered any ill effects whatsoever 🙂

The main course arrived about 15 minutes after our plates were cleared. I had Braised ox cheek with butternut squash puree, aubergine confit and olives.  The meat had been slow cooked in red wine and was unbelievably tender, it’s a cliche but it literally did almost melt in the mouth.  The puree was silky, smooth and seasoned to perfection, the olives were lovely and there was crispy kale as a garnish which added a different dimension to the dish.  If I had to criticise something (and it’s hard believe me) I would say that the aubergine was a little bland, but then it’s not my favourite veg anyway. I still ate every mouthful regardless!

Mr P&P had braised lamb shoulder with truffled* mash, green beans and beetroot and parsley salsa.  I tried it, it was sublime (I’m running out of adjectives) and he virtually licked his plate!
*I didn’t tell him that truffles are part of the mushroom family (he HATES them) sorry babe x

The whole Plateau experience really is exceptional.  The music (Jimpster- Amour) was fab, so great that Mr P&P downloaded the album as soon as we got home and I’ve bought it for my Dad for his Birthday.

The waitress was spectacularly attentive but in an unobtrusive way, she deserves a massive shout out actually.  I waitressed for 9 years so I’m always reeeeally picky and judgemental about service in restaurants but she was flawless.  She made helpful recommendations, my scarf fell on the floor and she silently came over and picked it up.  She never let our glasses go empty and she even adjusted the lighting when she noticed that I was struggling to get a decent photo of my main course!

I’m conscious that my blog is already becoming a bit restaurant review “heavy” and also that I’ve been extremely complimentary in all of my posts, I’m not trying to be obsequious, if you know me, you’ll know I have incredibly exacting standards when it comes to food, but credit where credit’s due, this place is fantastic.

So fantastic I’m taking my Dad (who also has verrrry high standards) for his Birthday next weekend.

They don’t have a website but they are on Facebook  GO, you won’t regret it!


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