Best of the rest #3

Doing a best of the rest round up is a regular part of my Sunday morning routine now and it always makes me hungry, well, hungrier than usual anyway.

The pork belly was my favourite meal of the week, it literally melted in the mouth apart from the crackling which was up there with the best I’ve managed to achieve. The pork cost £2.40 from Waitrose and I served it with a spicy dipping sauce, Jasmine rice and Spring greens baked in the oven. I got the recipe from my new favourite blog, Recipe Rifle and followed the instructions exactly but turned the heat up to max again for the last 10 mins as well.

As ever if anyone wants the recipe for any of the best of the rest then just ask.

Plaice with brown shrimp, parsley & lemon butter
with new potatoes and steamed spinach

Belly of pork

Packed lunch- sweet cured mackerel fillets with potato salad,
celery, lambs lettuce & rocket salad with sunbeam tomatoes.

Jacket potato- By Mr P&P <3

Pizza base with nutella & chopped nuts- Oreganos
(I added the whipped cream after)

Smoked salmon with scrambled eggs and buttered toast

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