The best of the rest #1

I’ve eaten many MANY things this week, to be honest I do every week, some of which aren’t worth noting (bacon roll & donut from Greggs) and some of which very much were but I just haven’t had time to do a proper blog post about them.  Seeing as one of the main reasons for me starting this blog was to make sure that nothing delicious that I ate ever went undocumented again I thought I’d do a little round up of the rest of what I’ve eaten.

Pizza Express:
Rustichella pizza, pancetta, roasted tomatoes, rocket, grana padano,
caesar dressing, and a runny egg

Toad in the hole
Skinned pork & apple sausages wrapped in pancetta in a wholegrain
mustard Yorkshire pudding batter

Served with mash, spring greens and onion gravy

Fried breakfast with leftover mash

Mummy’s fish pie 🙂

Served with home grown chard, sprouting broccoli tops & peas


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