Best of the rest #4

Cannot believe it’s Sunday again already, this week has gone by in a blur, a blur of not very healthy food, not very healthy but most of it delicious, all of it in fact except for the Chocolate Philadelphia. So many people were gunning it saying what a revolting idea it was, even the advert for it makes reference to the fact that it was an odd mixture, I reeeeeally wanted to like it, but it was just a bit wrong, a little bit sour and definitely not chocolatety enough. 

The highlight of the rest for me was the Gammon, eggs and bubble & squeak, I made the B&S with the leftover mash and spring greens from the previous night and added swede and butternut squash to it.  I used duck eggs because they have the best yolks.

The cakes from Waitrose are a bit of a Sunday ritual for me and Mr P&P.  I’m not usually the sort of person that lurks around the reduced aisles in any type of shop really, but the Waitrose cake counter on a Sunday afternoon is an absolute BARGAIN.  I think I got that little lot below for about £2.50.  That purple cupcake alone is usually a quid full price.

As ever if anyone wants the recipe for any of the best of the rest then just ask.

Tomato & mozzarella salad with avocado and basil

Spaghetti Carbonara

Cake selection from Waitrose

Potato rosti with spinach and butternut squash sauce-
Canteen at work

I can highly recommend the wasabi dip

Gammon, bubble & squeak and duck eggs

That’s right, Chocolate Philadelphia


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