Best of the rest #9

I should’ve posted this yesterday morning but I was too busy sulking about the fact that Mr P&P saw fit to purposefully wake me up at 8:30am because I looked “so content and comfortable” and he was jealous because he couldn’t sleep…

Anyway, I digress, rather a lot of eating out was done again this week, so there are a couple of reviews to come.  One thing I will say is, Pizza Express, you will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart, no-one does a runny egg quite like you.  I worked there as a waitress for 7 years and the quality has never ever faltered,

I gleefully fell upon the green tomatoes in Waitrose, I’ve always wanted to recreate the dish from the iconic film “Fried green tomatoes at the Whistestop cafe” and this weekend I did.  With a liberal splash of Tabasco these little babies were everything I’d hoped for and more.

The banana split at JB’s was pretty nice, I haven’t been in there for years since a rather unpleasant episode with a surf & turf seasoned with pubic hair and some ice cold chilli on a portion of nachos.  However, I saw a photo in my Twitter feed of one of their icecream sundaes and decided to give it another chance.  I would rather go to Scoop & crumb though.

The jerk chicken rice and peas also deserves a mention too, the sauce was out of a bottle but I made the rice and peas from scratch from this recipe and I would highly recommend it.

As ever, if you’d like any of these recipes then just comment below, I’m going to do a recipe post on the pork later in the week.

Pork loin steak with roasted rhubarb, pan-fried gnocchi
& wilted spinach with garlic butter

Rustichella with a runny egg-
 Pizza Express

Banana split- JB’s diner

Venison steak with roasted new potatoes, stuffed beef
tomato and lambs lettuce & rocket salad

Green tomatoes

Fried green tomatoes

Jerk chicken, rice & peas with coleslaw

Cockles with white pepper & vinegar

Chicken chasseur with crispy potatoes- work canteen



  1. April 17, 2012 / 4:53 pm

    I haven't had a banana split in years, but nothing beats a good old fashioned ice cream sundae! Also loving the look of the jerk chicken.

    Mega hungry now!
    Sarah x

  2. April 17, 2012 / 5:07 pm

    Sarah, you and Mark MUST try Scoop and Crumb on East Street, best icecream sundae in Brighton!!

    Give the jerk chicken a try, really really easy and the rice was enough for 2 greedy people's supper and packed lunch the next day!


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