Easter at Mum’s x

Easter at my Mum’s is a life-long tradition, every year she busts out the bunny bowls (above and below) and fills them with chocolate eggs and festive little chicks, plies me with an enormous roast lamb supper and handmade truffles (Easter eggs bore me) from the chocolate shop in Arundel.

This year was no different other than Mr P&P was coming, although he didn’t come, because he was hanging with a capital H. I’m not regaling you with this anecdote because I want to make a point about his hungover state but more because I need to vent about what happened next…

My Mum, in fact, both of my parents show gross and unashamed favouritism to Mr P&P, I could list at least half a dozen other  instances but I’ll just stick to this one.

Mum: “Oh I’m soooo looking forward to seeing the two of you later”  (I think she meant him mainly)

Me: “Well unfortunately it’ll just be me because he’s too hungover to leave the house, nob”

Mum: “Oh no, bless him”.

“Bless him”… fucking “BLESS HIM”- I’d like to point out right now that my Mother has zero tolerance, or sympathy, if I even so much as hint at the fact I might be hungover. “Serves you jolly well right” is probably the most generous platitude I’ve had from her in my entire drinking career. 

To add insult to injury she packed me off with numerous chocolatey treats for my errant boyfriend, insisted I take him a slice of cake, tried to give me a tuppaware container of fruit salad for him and asked me to send  her love. As you may be able to tell, I still haven’t quite got over it.

Anyway, aside from the blatant preferential treatment of the absent Mr P&P the whole meal was absolutely delicious, flawless in fact, so well done Mumsy, you can have a point back for that.

Pretty Easter table 🙂

Local, spring lamb

Homemade mint sauce

Roast and new potatoes, carrots and leeks

Chard and sprouting broccoli from Mum’s veg patch

My plate (I had seconds as well)
Orange, almond and blueberry cake- by me (recipe to follow)
…with lashings of double cream

Festive truffle box

Festive truffles
If you are ever in Arundel go to this shop- it’s the nuts



  1. April 11, 2012 / 7:59 am

    Despite your other half getting the undeserved attention it looks like you ate some great food from you Mum. Thanks for following, I am now following you too.

    • April 11, 2012 / 1:23 pm

      No problem at all, I saw a link to your blog on another one- can't remember which though! (sorry, really unhelpful)
      The food was indeed delicious and thank you for following me back x

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