Festive season 2012

I know it’s a bit late in the day for this sort of post but nevertheless here it goes…

I get the impression from some of the other blogs that I read (mainly the beauty and lifestyle ones) that people feel the need to apologise for these sorts of posts as they think it might be deemed as “showing off” or whatever… I’m not going to apologise for it at all, no-one is obliged to read my posts nor am I trying to brag, I just want this blog to be a record of the food I’ve eaten and the good times I’ve had doing so.

I absolutely love the Christmas period, the food, the socialising, presents and time off work! I seem to get more and more excited by it as each year goes by actually.  I’m sure I loved it as a really young child, but my parents divorce slightly muddied the waters in my teens, various scrooge-like boyfriends pissed on my festive campfire in my early to mid twenties and heartbreak, family troubles and having to work rather sucked the joy out of subsequent celebrations. But now I’m in love with a less bah-humbug person, family troubles are resolved and I work in a place that closes for the entire festive period (and they don’t make you take it as annual leave!) I get near to hysteria with excitement!  Brighton does the Christmas vibe particularly well (picture of the North Laines lights above) too.

First up in our festive extravaganza was a trip up to London, we went to Meat Liquor for lunch (review to follow) then Christmas shopping on Oxford and Bond Street (far less hellish than you would imagine 1 week before Xmas) before going to Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park.  If you haven’t been then you simply must try to, it’s AMAZING. Ridiculously festive, free to get in and I defy even the scroogiest of people not to feel Christmassy during their visit. 

Mr P&P and I went on the wheel, 80% of our time on there was spent trying to take a photo of us where one of both of us didn’t look crazed/fat/retarded or all of the above.  We failed, miserably. We also went on the merry-go-round bar and drunk mulled wine in a log cabin with other smug couples. To both of our surprise we didn’t eat anything whilst we were there, we were still digesting the vast amount of meat we’d eaten at lunchtime, but in terms of choice, there was a lot of everything.

For most people I know of this generation the first viewing of the Coca Cola Christmas advert gives them the green light to start feeling festive.  Coca Cola now do a UK tour with the truck from the advert, I was devastated (not exaggerating) to have missed it last year so this year’s date for the Brighton part of the tour was firmly in my diary as soon as it was announced.  They gave away free Coca Cola and had a snow machine and choir singing Christmas songs, was SO good!

We spent Christmas Eve through Boxing day at my Mum’s with all of the Aunties, Uncles and cousins.  I usually have 2 golden rules for family Christmas, don’t bring my boyfriend and don’t get drunk- I failed miserably on both counts…

Our tradition on Xmas Eve is to have roast ham and potato dauphinois with mange tout- I find the latter extremely odd as they are about as out of season as it gets and the only ones available come from somewhere like Kenya (hideous in terms of carbon footprint) but nevertheless that’s what we had.  I took charge of the dauphinois as (sorry to any of my family reading this) it is more often than not a bit rubbish, undercooked, overcooked and the potatoes are either crunchy or mushy.  I used my wonderful friend Dan’s recipe again and despite having only ever done it on a small scale previously, it worked out perfectly. I will post the recipe soon.

There is no way of putting this delicately so I won’t even bother to try, I got absolutely SHITFACED on Christmas Eve, on gin, in front of my family, and then went to the pub and basically harangued my best mate’s boyfriend about when he was going to get her knocked up (sorry Alan) as well as probably embarrassing myself (and Mr P&P) in front of numerous people who I grew up with. Yay!

All of the above paled in insignificance to how terrible I felt the next day, so bad in fact that I didn’t get up until nearly 4pm, I missed brunch and present giving whilst I lay in bed completely still, praying that I wouldn’t puke.  Mr P&P took matters into his own hands and necked the bottle of Bucks fizz from my stocking before he’d even got out of bed and then left me alone to wallow in my misery after showing me ZERO sympathy (this has been logged for future reference). Big up to my Mum for being lovely about it without even a hint of her usual “no sympathy if it’s self-inflicted” stance.

These are some of my presents… yup, I’m spoilt rotten.  Particular credit must go to Mr P&P for the beautiful Michael Kors watch he bought me… makes up for the voucher (which wasn’t even enough to pay for the item I wanted)  he got me a couple of years ago, which, as I’m sure you can tell, I’m not still bitter about at all!?

Thankfully my hangover left the building at about the same time as the above was dished up.  Most appropriate moment of Christmas day was getting my Vegetarian Uncle to carve the turkey…

Mum’s gingerbread trifle
Obligatory Xmas cheeseboard 
Boxing day breakfast
Post-Christmas spread

As we were away with my family for Christmas we had a post-Christmas piss-up/feast with Nick’s sisters at our flat, I made loads of food, the above are just the most photogenic items.  I’m going to post the recipe for the sausage rolls and fudge separately as I made both a number of times over the festive period and received a gratifying amount of compliments and numerous requests for a recipe posts on here.

I’ve made a number of new year’s resolutions, I won’t bore you with the whole list but one is to get back into the habit of posting more regularly on here again.  One of my 2012 resolutions was to start this blog and it’s probably the best one I’ve ever made and the only one I have truly stuck to!  I meant to do a “blog Birthday” post but as it was January 2nd and I was still trying to come to terms with the fact I had to go back to work the next day, so didn’t get round to it. So, Happy first Birthday to my blog, I promise I will lavish more time and attention on you this year!

All of the above photos are actually Instagram photos so if you want to follow me on there for more of the same then the link to my profile is on the right-hand side.



  1. January 12, 2013 / 10:58 am

    so apart from the whole getting wasted and sleeping through most of christmas day, looks like you had a pretty good festive season!
    Also I am tres jealous of you not having to take the christmas period off as annual leave!
    OH and I had the most awful curry from 'spice nutriment' on queens road near the station the other day, it was watery and crap and you should avoid at ALL COSTS.

    • January 14, 2013 / 10:28 pm

      I had SUCH a good one, I'm really mourning the loss of it now, really need something to look forward to!
      One of the (very few) perks of working in the public sector, the holidays are AWESOME! I did my time working in the service industries and forfeiting all bank hols etc- NEVER AGAIN!!
      Re Spice nutriment- noted. I am highly unadventurous when it comes to curries in BTN, I stick to Shahi, although I am strongly considering being unfaithful now chilli pickle is doing deliveries!!
      Hope all is well with you and bump xx

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