RECIPE: Spinach & filo tart

This recipe is the perfect summer evening meal, or, if you’re the super organised, meal planning, take a packed lunch every day to work type- then this is a piece of piss to knock up in advance and keep in the fridge for at least a few days.

Other than my very slight (not at all necessary if you don’t eat meat) modification of additional bacon, Jamie Oliver deserves full credit for this extremely delicious recipe. It’s from his 30 minute meals book, of which I’m a huge fan. If you want to read a rather excellent review of this book by one of my favourite food bloggers, The Graphic Foodie, then here’s the link.  She’s also done one of Jamie’s 15 minute meals– Enjoy and follow her blog cos it’s ace.

My take on both of these books is that they’re brilliant- full of tasty recipes that provided you have a reasonably well stocked store cupboard (I do) and a food processor (I don’t) and aren’t on a hugely tight budget, then there is nothing not to like about these books. You can get them for around £12 on Amazon, and to anyone thinking about commenting below about the evils of their tax evasion etc- don’t bother, I LOVE AMAZON.

Do I think it’s possible to make the recipes in the prescribed time scales? not for me it’s not, but I know people who have. As mentioned above I don’t have a food processor, I get distracted by Facebook/Instagram/the sound of a door opening two floors away and because cooking is something I do to relax, my sense of urgency isn’t really switched on.  If you follow his instructions to the letter, pre-prep everything and have more than a basic ability in the kitchen, then I’m sure it’s do-able in 30 mins, the 15 mins… not so much, do comment below or tweet me if you can/have.

I found a link to an article with the full 30 minute meal recipe online, link here, but  have detailed the basic steps below too.

  • Toast the pine nuts in a hot dry pan until about this colour and then set aside- do NOT take your eyes of them as they can go from golden to cremated in a matter of 10 seconds.

  • Add a pack of lardons or cubed pancetta to the same frying pan (no need for oil) and fry until crisp then set aside in a bowl lined with kitchen roll to absorb any excess oil.

  • Mix the eggs, lemon zest, feta, cheddar, pinenuts, pancetta, oregano, seasoning and a good glug of oil together in a bowl.

  • Melt some butter in large pan and then wilt the spinach in it, if it’s overly watery then give it a squeeze to remove any excess.

  • Add to the bowl once it is less steamy and give it a stir to incorporate.

  • Get a large piece of greaseproof paper, rub some olive oil on it, scrunch it up and then flatten out again.  Put a layer of filo sheets overlapping each other so that they almost cover the paper, sprinkle with cayenne, salt & pepper then repeat until you have three layers.  Then carefully transfer the paper and pastry to a large frying pan (above).

  • Push the pastry down into the pan carefully then pour in the filling, then fold the edges over so that the centre of the tart is fully covered (full instructions on the link above)
  • Put on the heat for a couple of minutes to start the bottom cooking and the pre-heated oven.

  • The accompanying salads- I can’t be arsed to write out full instructions.

  • The colour it should be when it’s ready, the one on the link I’ve posted looks darker but I can assure you this was throughly cooked.

  • How it should look when you cut it open- if it oozes half cooked egg out at you then put it back in the oven.  Food poisoning should not be on the menu- particularly not in this heat!


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