Throwback Thursday: Toad in the hole

I think ‘Throwback Thursday’ might be more of an Instagram thing, but seeing as I have roughly 3,000 (not exaggerating) photos of food on my phone, a lot of which have never seen the light of day, I decided that I’m bring TBT to blogger!

I doubt there’s a single meat-eating soul who would turn their nose up at toad in the hole, I mean, what’s not to like?!  I’ve made a number of variations of it over the years but this one by Nigel Slater is my absolute fave (link here).

The secret to it is de-skinning the sausages and wrapping them back up in parma ham or pancetta and adding a touch of wholegrain mustard to the Yorkshire pudding batter.  

In his new book ‘Eat”, Nige has done a recipe for a vege version of this old classic with mushrooms and onion. I can’t recommend this book enough and it’s only £9 on Amazon at the moment- do yourself a favour and buy it, buy it now.

I served mine with onion gravy, mash and spring greens, de-lish.  



  1. February 7, 2014 / 3:45 pm

    This looks delicious, you're right, who doesn't love toad in the hole?

    • February 7, 2014 / 6:58 pm

      I actually said that out loud in my office today and the lady sitting opposite me said she doesn't much care for it! Very strange x

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