These are a few of my favourite things #7

One of my very least favourite things is gaining weight.  Admittedly, I should be about twice the size I am given the sheer volume of food I eat (shitloads) and the amount of exercise I do (zero), but sometimes I overdo it to a point where things start getting a bit tight around the old waistband.  I knew that I was getting dangerously close to this point, but had it confirmed on Tuesday when I Mum grabbed my stomach (after about 6 million pancakes which she forced on me) and said ‘oooohhhh darling, that’s a bit of a worry isn’t it’. Eek. Don’t get me wrong, my Mum is a total weight fascist, but only pipes up when she feels she really ought to.


I know it’s not rocket science, eat less + move more = less of a fatty. But I LOVE eating and I’m not very fond of moving. What I’m going to say next will probably viewed as pretty controversial, but fuck it. I’ve never cared about being toned so have therefore never exercised, all I really care about is being slim and feeling attractive and in order to do that I have to starve.  I have a terrifying ability to eat, and eat, and eat some more.  I can eat like most people do when they’re hungover, so when I say starve what I actually mean is eat like a normal person would.  So I think I’m going to try and do that for a bit and see how it goes.  I toyed with the idea of throwing in a bit of exercise, but realistically I won’t do it, because I loathe it and because I can’t be arsed.  So watch this space.  I promise not to become a total nause and bore on and on about it, the likelihood is I’ll have forgotten all about it by this time next week so there’ll be nothing to say anyhow.

Give or take a few highly stressful bits it’s been a good week.  There’s one area of my life which has been causing me a lot of grief for a while now so I’ve taken a  very much needed step back, not to sound like a hippy, but I’m putting my faith in the universe that it will all fall into place the way that it’s meant to. I’ve spent lots of time with friends and my Mum this week which has helped a lot.  I have so many wonderful people in my life who accept me and love me warts (not literally, eww) ‘n’ all and for that I will always be enormously grateful.

Unithai, Hove

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a patch on Yum Yum (post here) but it has all sorts of deliciousness with parking immediately outside.  It also has a little restaurant out back, only 5 or 6 tables and they’re always full.  They have a small menu of noodles, curries etc as well as a specials board. I have yet to try it (firmly at the top of my to-do list) but I know lots of people who have and they rave about it.

You can find UniThai at the top of Church Road (Brighton end) next to Green Mango Thai restaurant.  It’s open seven days a week (the restaurant isn’t though) and there’s pay & display parking immediately outside.

I <3 pasta

 My only previous concession to trying to avoid fatty-dom was avoiding pasta where possible. I love it SO much, too much and a small portion is never enough, I have to eat ALL the pasta or I don’t feel satisfied.  So after nearly two months of being pasta-free I ate two enormous portions on consecutive evenings, Carbonara (recipe here) and the above.

I made the sauce but quartering some ‘on the vine’ cherry tomatoes and cooking them gently in 4 tbsp of olive oil with lots of salt & pepper until they collapsed slightly. After about 20 minutes on a medium heat add a large handful of torn basil, take off the heat and stir in.  Add to the pasta of your choice and top with fresh white anchovies (you can use the tinned kind but I find the saltiness too dominant for this dish).

Moshimo madness

I seem to surround myself with a lot of bearded, attractive men. I’m not even in to beards at all, but they’re absolutely bloody everywhere.  Meet Adam, we’ve known each other for about six years, he makes me laugh so much sometimes that I struggle to breathe and he’s one of my favourite boys ever. We don’t see each other as much as we should at all, but whenever we do it usually involves good food, alcohol and lots of mischief- although on this occasion we were both fairly restrained on the latter two counts.

On Mondays and Tuesdays Moshimo have a special offer for their members, 50% off your food bill, so we went and took full advantage. The sushi and sashimi boat above was bangin’ and an absolute steal at £30 (full price £60). The people next to us seemed aghast at the amount and were almost speechless when we smashed our way through it like it was nothing.  I also had a pulled pork ramen, it was OK, nothing special though.

A Moshimo membership is £12 and you can use it an unlimited amount of times in a year so well worth the investment, even if you only visit a couple of times a year.

Gelato Gusto

I’m quite enjoying the shape of my eyebrows in this photo, especially as I did them myself for the first time in about a year after my threading lady selfishly moved to London.  Any recommendations for a replacement will be gratefully received.

Anywaaaaay, if you want gelato (icecream) in Brighton then this place is the one.  There’s always a queue but your patience is rewarded with a mind-bogglingly good selection of flavours (think bueno, salted caramel, strawberry cheesecake, cookie dough etc) which are all homemade. On this occasion I chose cherry cola gelato and rose and lychee sorbet- amazing, just UH-MAZING.

Pancake day

Pancakes have always been kind of a ‘thang’ in our house, my Mum cooked them every single Sunday morning without fail, although, I was a less frequent visitor to the weekly pancake party in my kitchen during the late 90’s, usually still out partying from the Friday… god, I think I’d be dead by the Saturday afternoon if I attempted that sort of thing now!

One of our favourite combos was banana, maple syrup and squirty cream- it tastes of my childhood and this year my Mum pimped my pancake even further with toasted almonds- I can highly recommend.

Mumsy knows the score <3

Unless it’s the absolute height of summer then every time I stay at my Mum’s there is always a ‘hottie’ in my bed.  No matter how old I get, she still treats me like a Princess, I love it, and her, so much x

Best kids EVER

My God Daughter Delilah Peaches and her brother Louie. It’s impossible to articulate how much I love these two. Snuggles on the sofa with Louie are one of my (and his) favourite things and Delilah makes me laugh so much every time I see her, she’s going to be definite trouble, but I can’t wait to watch her get older and have untold amounts of fun with her.

MEATliquor Brighton

I’m a big fan of MEATliquor.  I am actually well overdue in doing a whole blog post on the Brighton branch (London one here) but it’s a bit of a running joke with me and one of the Mr MEATliquor’s about how much he loathes blogs and bloggers alike, that and the fact that every time I go there I always get far too onboard with the house policy of ‘come hungry, leave drunk’… nuff said.

I love the token veg garnish on the side of all of that filth, buffalo shrimp, wings, cheese fries and slaw. 10/10 and exactly what I needed and wanted.  I restricted myself to one cocktail, a pina colada, which was delicious, but gave me the most savage brain freeze ever.  If you find yourself at that end of Brighton, or even if you don’t- it’s well worth a visit.

Vietnamese beef Pho

If you’re a regular reader of this blog then I think it will be quite clear that I LOVE a noodle soup. I got this recipe from a magazine, it was delicious, but not even slightly spicy enough so I covered it in sriacha chilli sauce and it was much better.  I cooked the beef in the stock for 4 minutes, but I think next time I’ll do it for less, as whilst it was still tender, it was a bit well done for my liking.

That’s right bitchezzz

I know what you’re thinking, but seriously, don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it- it’s SO much fun and you’d be seriously amazed at the number of people you know who either love it, or yearn to have a go.  I went with my friend, and soon to be (hopefully) business partner Susie, you may remember her from this post (here).  There’s many things I love about her but it can be summed up by this… Me: ‘How’s your WKD going down’ Susie: ‘It tastes like the cookie monster’s cum mate’, mahahahahaha!

Just because it made me do an actual LOL…

This turned out to be a monster post, congratulations if you’ve made it to this point!
What were your favourite things this week?  Do you have any recommendations for eyebrow threading places in Brighton? Tweet me or comment below.


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