These are a few of my favourite things #22

I just caught sight of myself in the mirror as I was sitting down to write this and I have well caught the sun this weekend. The weather has been amazing today, and yesterday- I’d be quite happy for it to rain all throughout the week while I’m at work if we could be guaranteed amazing weekends all summer.

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned my feelings on division of labour by gender. Pink jobs= girl’s jobs and blue jobs= boy’s jobs. I had a desk that needed to be built, assembling flatpack furniture = very definitely a blue job.  I put it off for four days before deciding to have a go at doing it myself… those of you who know me will know what an ordeal even making this decision would have been for me.  After a lot of pacing and swearing, swiftly followed by the realisation that Jenna was not going to help me, I just sat on the floor and got on with it.  And do you know what? I bloody well did it. I didn’t cry, or call a boy for help once. I will post a picture next week, I want to arrange stuff on it and make it look pretty. It seems to be fairly stable, I’m still not sure what the 6 remaining screws are for though…

I’ve cooked virtually nothing this week, other than a spicy noodle with seabass dish for my mate Tom, and a pavlova for pudding.  I did have my smoothiess each day though and the difference in my skin and energy levels has been really noticeable.  I’m going to buy some ‘super green powder’ too, apparently it tastes minging but is incredibly good for you, I’ll report back.

I’ve cried twice about this 🙁

This has actually been keeping me awake at night.  Chewy the asthmatic cat in need of his medication? Indoor cat will be scared/nervous?! waaaaah pass me the kleenex. God forbid that was one of my cats I would be absolutely beside myself. So yeah, if anyone in the Kemp Town area has seen him, get in touch.

My favourite person

I never put photos of myself that I hate on here, I mean, why would I?! But I’m going to make an exception in this case because it’s the only photo of my Mum and I that’s been taken in years, despite the fact I look like I have no eyes…  We are both, grossly unphtogenic- that’s not be trying to fish for compliments, it’s the truth. I like the fact our matching dimples have been captured though. When I had my ‘professional’ work photo taken, the photographer told me I was the least photogenic person in the team of 30. LOL. My Dad and sister are both extremely photogenic, it was me and my Mum who shit out.

That said, when my friend Tom came over and was scouring a photo grid thing I have on my wall and said,  ‘Maaate, who is that absolute weapon of a little blonde thing’, I came over to see who he was talking about, it was my Mum… I nearly threw up I laughed so much.

Another reason my new office is the nicest place ever

These sorts of things are what make my new job, so very lovely.  I’ve worked in jobs where I used to look forward to my lunch break so I could cry for an hour, so working somewhere that everyone around you, from your boss’s boss to the cleaner who made the office those cakes to celebrate her permanent contract, are lovely, is an absolute joy.

Fab supper made by the even more fab Claire

When I first met Claire she couldn’t cook at all.  Her husband, Lovely Ray, made the supper every time I went round while she and I gossiped.  Fast forward a few years and it’s Claire slaving away over a hot stove while he and I cackle away like a pair of old women.  Ray was in Malaysia on this occasion so it was just Claire and I once her little boy Aaron had gone to bed.

Claire always trials a new recipe each time I come round, and she’s had a 100% success rate, she’s a great little cook.  On the menu last week was pot roasted pesto roast chicken with green beans and olives and gnocchi with feta, butternut squash and pinenuts.  Absolutely delicious. Claire if you’re reading, it’s my turn next.

Things my Mum says <3

Sadly my Mum is getting wise to my documenting her hilariously random comments. Facebook sends her an email every time I post an update, there was me thinking that she wouldn’t be able to work out how to use it without me assisting, all she has to do is open her email! I’ll almost definitely get a telling off for posting it on here too.

Midweek meringue

My friend Tom was meant to be coming for supper on Wednesday, I’d promised him a pavlova and as I’m a woman of my word, I came home and whipped one up in after doing a weekly shop and having sunbed and before rushing out the door to meet a friend for supper.  He actually wasn’t well on the day we’ve arranged so he came around on Friday instead, as it wasn’t a ‘school night’ things got a lot messier than they would have done on a Wednesday. Such a good laugh though.

If you’re into baking etc then I would highly recommend a KitchenAid.  They are pretty pricey, but if you’ve got a big Birthday coming up, or pots of cash or a rich boyfriend etc, then this would be an excellent gift choice. I got mine for my 30th Birthday from my Mum, it’s one of my favourite possessions ever.

I can’t lie, the pavlova that those egg white were destined for was never assembled.  Tom arrived for supper about 9:45, by which time I was half-cut.  We ended up eating the meringue about 3am, I smothered it in vanilla custard, double cream, raspberries and hazelnuts- I can feel my love handles expanding at the thought.

Midweek Indonesian meal

I’m not going to say too much about this as I’m due to put to put a full review post up. But I’m sure that you can deduce from the fact it’s in my favourite things, that the write up is going to be a positive one.

SO exciting

I’ve made no secret of my love for 64 degrees, I’ve visited 3 times in six months, eaten pretty much all of the menu on each occasion and wrote a long and gushy review of it too.  The fact that they’re opening a second site in London not even a year after their first is very exciting.  I just hope they can keep the quality consistent  when the new one opens.  I wish them the absolute best though, I think what they do is incredible. Just simple, delicious and not even slightly up it’s own arse.

All the essentials

That pink thing is a ‘Wicked Wedge’, I saw someone at the Brighton big screen with one last year, was green with envy and had bought one via my amazon app before I’d even left.  It is amazing and it’s coming on holiday with me too.  They’re about £12 on Amazon.

As for the rest, portable iPhone charger, Coca Cola, Essie nail polish and trashy magazines- I could’ve, and was, sat there quite happily all day.  I will never not appreciate having the beach as my front garden.

These guys, always these guys x

What were your favourite things last week? Any restaurants you’d like to see reviewed on here? Tweet me or comment below. I’m always thrilled to hear from you x


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