Review: Lucky Beach, Brighton

I literally got through the door and started writing this.  I have my favourite things post and two more reviews to put up but as soon as I logged in I knew it was this I wanted to write about first.

I’ve been meaning to try Lucky Beach in forever, but the times that I’m down at the beach at that end of town I’m usually pissed or just baking myself in the sun!  I did the latter for four hours or so before heading down there at about 4:30 on Sunday afternoon.

I did ring in advance to see if it’d be possible to reserve a seat outside, but was told by an extremely polite girl that they don’t take bookings, and although they were busy, we’d probably only have to wait about five minutes max for a table.

We were in fact seated immediately, outside, just to the left of the board below, where fortunately, we were able to manoeuvre our chairs so that we were in the sun.

This is a big claim, and one that instantly sends alarm bells and klaxons in my head. Says who exactly!? After a little google the only thing I could find was a kind of burger directory with ratings, it scrolled on and on, I lost interest in the end, but it didn’t say anything about a top 100 or anything.

Other than Riddle & Finns there is a bit of a dearth of good places to eat on the beach front, that Santiago place next door to them is always packed, but I’ve never eaten there, so I was looking forward to see what this place was going to be like. 

It may seem annoying that all of the seating is so shaded by the parasols, but trust me, I watched someone get dive-bombed by seagull the size of a small dog, and all its mates a bit further down the beach, and it did not look fun at all. You’ll be thankful for the parasols.

Speaking of seagulls, one so nearly came into my flat the other day when we left the window open, not sure who was more scared, my cat, who made the discovery or me and Jenna who absolutely freaked. I fucking hate them.

The inside reminds me a bit of how Due South (where Riddle & Finns now is) was, white washed, beachy and holidayish.  The inside of the restaurant was a bit dark but didn’t feel poky, and there’s a mezzanine level with a few seats which look out over the beach.

I was disappointed at the lack of starter menu, I thought some calamari, chicken wings and maybe some nachos or something would have been perfect.  Their kitchen is tiny though.

Other than that I thought the menu was a good size, offering something for everyone without going over the top in terms of numbers of dishes.

There’s not a vast selection of drinks, we were hoping for a full on cocktail menu but I suppose for a venue so small and busy that would be a pain in the arse.

This ‘jug’ of pimms cost £15.  I’ve worked in restaurants for years and I’m fully aware that the mark up on alcohol is an absolute piss take, but for a caraffe, that didn’t have cucumber and strawberries in, I didn’t think it was worth the money.  They do sell cans of Dr Pepper though, so big tick for that. Pepsi rather than coke though- bleurgh.

LB snack plate- £5.95

The Hoummos/humous/hummus was gorgeous, I’m pretty sure it was made there rather than brought in (I could be mugging myself off here) had loads of lovely crunchy seeds scattered on it and was kind of room temperature than fridge cold.

The feta and olives were also lovely, really fresh tasting and moreish.

But… I really dislike the way in which it’s been presented.  I don’t know why, it just irritated me. And that weird pot of veg with edamame, jarred red peppers and a scattering of sweetcorn was well off key!

BBQ’d pulled pork bap £6.25

This was my mate’s, I did try a bite for research purposes though, and honestly, it wasn’t all that.  Mean with the amount of filling and nowhere near enough BBQ sauce either. Given how lovely the service was throughout though, I’m sure they would happily have got us more if we’d asked.

£3 for the portion of chips, portion could have been slightly more generous, but they were really, really good. Definitely order some if you visit.

Smokey bacon burger -£6.95

If Coggings & co were 9.5/10, The Coal Shed 8.5/10 and Burger Brothers was 8/10- these would be a 6.5/10 for me tops.  After the first few bites I was almost overwhelmed by the saltiness of it.  I think part of that may be caused by the bacon, which was streaky and cooked only until it was flaccid.  The consistency of the burger was lovely, I really enjoy coarsely ground meat in a burger, so in that way, this burger came up trumps for me.

Same gig with the chips as above, I’d put money on the fact the ketchup isn’t Heinz, I’m sure some of you will be thinking ‘give a shit’ but it’s an instant black mark with me, soz.

From the second we arrived to until we paid our bill, the service was absolutely charming. They charged my phone for mr- big tick- and were friendly, smiley and efficient. There wasn’t even the slightest whiff of resentment about the fact they were at work on a sunny day, with the beach about a meter away- I would have had a right face on me, if I’d even bothered turning up!  Bella the blonde haired waitress was my favourite, so sweet.

So, in summary: I do still think it’s probably one of the best options for a reasonably nice, and priced meal, on the actual beach front.  The chips were lovely, the burgers were OK, the location is spot on and the service is fab. I definitely won’t be going out of my way to go back, but I certainly wouldn’t complain if I had to.

It got a hygiene rating of 5/5, May 2013, from scores on the doors.

Have you been to Lucky Beach?  What did you think?  Comment below, or Tweet me x


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