These are a few of my favourite things #19

To say that this week has been a mixed bag would be a vast understatement.  The beginning was unremarkable, the middle was the worst few days I’ve had in a very long time and the weekend has been messy, fun and cathartic.

I’m lying in bed writing this feeling exceptionally smug about the fact I’ve got two more days off cos I’ve got lots of lovely plans.  It’s the first of June and my electric blanket is on FULL, partly cos I love it and partly cos it sends the cats into a coma, meaning that I will get at least five hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Speaking of uninterrupted sleep, it will not be happening if my aforementioned (dickhead) downstairs neighbours have anything to do with it… either I’m trippin’ or they’re playing a piano down there, loudly and badly.  I can feel another inter-house domestic coming on, particularly after they parred off Jenna and I when we said hello to them the other day.  I’ll keep you informed…

The only thing I’ve cooked from scratch this week

Something really weird happened this week, for a couple of days, I completely lost my appetite.  This isn’t something that ever happens so I embraced it fully (who doesn’t want to lose a few pounds!?) and just had a couple of Smoothies and lots of tea and water. Every other day I just ended up being out or being cooked for.

Anyway I digress, this looks fairly ‘beige’ but looks can be deceiving.  I made my usual spicy broth (500ml chicken stock Tbsp each of chilli & fish sauce, the juice of a lemon and 1/2 a Tbsp of soy) before adding scallops, glass noodles. a turkey egg, chilli, spring onions.  The dumplings were a recommendation from someone who commented on a previous blog post or on Twitter, I can’t remember who you are, but thank you 🙂

Standard pay day beauty products splurge…

My beauty product addiction is well documented around these parts, I’m not going to apologise, nor am I going to try to justify it, I’m just going to tell you which ones you need in your life immediately.

  • Those hair grips: I have long hair which I never tied back cos of the dreaded ‘kink’- not since finding these beauts, you just pull your hair back however you want and then literally screw them into your hair to keep it in place.
  • Moisturiser that you spray on and don’t have to rub in- need I say more?
  • My two favourite scrubs by soap & glory.  I wouldn’t touch their skincare but I love the body stuff.  They both smell good enough to eat and they’re proper scrubs, large granules that slough off old skin better than any I’ve tried, but incredibly moisturising at the same time.
  • The Bourjois rouge velvet lipsticks (bottom right, second photo) are the best ‘drugstore’ lip product I’ve tried. Highly pigmented, matte and I’ve given all lipstick destroying activities a number of test runs, and I’m happy to report these do not budge- everyone should get one, or three.
You can thank me later…

I knew all about this potential treasure trove but had somehow neglected to check it for over a week… let’s put it this way, I’ll never not check it again and I would advise anyone with a Facebook to familiarise themselves with their’s immediately!

I <3 Twitter

Which brings me nicely onto my next favourite.  You may or may not be aware of the format of a Jeremy Kyle episode, but in the last couple of years, every single episode I’ve watched (don’t judge me) has had a grubby little revelation come about on Facebook. Not once have I ever heard Twitter mentioned.

Twitter is my favourite social network.  I love how it links people together, how it forces you to articulate something in 140 characters, it’s the second biggest traffic generator to my blog and I’ve actually met some of my favourite people through it too.  It’s definitely not for everyone, but I think it’s brilliant.

Food quiz

 On Friday evening I went to The Level for the first time since it’s facelift, and bloody hell, the transformation is incredible.  My reason for going to an area of Brighton I usually try to avoid at all costs, was for the ‘Big Fat Quiz’ run by the Brighton Food Society at the Velo cafe.

It’s a great venue, we paid £8 per person (max team 6) and although we didn’t win, I had a great time, and met some lovely people as well.  I’d highly recommend it, if you like food, booze and have a competitive streak.  The macaroni cheese was nice, a solid 7/10, the chips were OK, bit flaccid and not hot enough, but I still managed to eat all of them.

Follow the Brighton Food Society on Twitter for upcoming events.

Spade and spoon at the Spiegeltent

Those pulled pork baps… Holy shit,they are unreal.  I’ve eaten three this week.  Spade & Spoon are one of my favourite street food vendors and whenever they’re at a local foodie event I make a beeline for them. I wish they’d pop up at Street Diner more often.

Street Diner on a Saturday

Yes that’s right Brighton (& Hove) 9-5 workers who have to miss out on the Wednesday and Friday markets, Street Diner are now coming to you on Saturdays throughout the summer.  I wobbled down this week with a massive hangover and had it cured by an awesome empanada by one of my favourites, Toston Tolon.  The below is a brioche bun with pulled beef, salad and pickles.  I didn’t really rate it for the first couple of bites, but by the end was really enjoying it, the lady who runs the stand was lovely too.

Street art in central Brighton

It makes me feel weird every time I walk past it, but for some reason I love this.

The Argus bringing it with the hard-hitting headlines…
Just sayin’

What were your favourite things last week?  Tweet me or comment below. I’m always thrilled to hear from you x

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