Two types of gazpacho

Feeling like a bit of a fatty after a weekend of excess?  ME TOO. I really cannot stand Sunday nights, they’re the night I used have to go back to boarding school, the night of back to work ‘fear’, the night of swearing that you’re going to starve yourself until the following weekend, because you’ve consumed your weekly calorie allowance in cocktails and food- you know the drill.

Carrying on from yesterday’s Spanish theme and I’ve actually got a bit of a confession, I’d never made gazpacho before my little extravaganza last week, and actually, I never really ate it unless it was an amuse bouche in restaurant, there just always seems to be so many better starters to have.  Everything changed after I saw this delicious looking recipe on one of my favourite beauty and lifestyle blogs- this is also where I found out about my beloved Breville Acti-blend, this girl is worth keeping an eye on, she’s got great taste in both makeup and food & drink. It is an absolute doddle to make as well.

Put all of the ingredients in a large receptacle and give a good thorough mix, cover with cling film and leave to marinate for 24 hours- the recipe says in the fridge but I just left it on the side.

Blend with a stick blender until smooth, and then depending on how you like the consistency, you can pass it through a sieve to make it super silky and ‘bit’ free.  I personally didn’t bother, but, to each their own.

I had a large bowl almost immediately and topped it with some mackerel fillets I’d bought earlier that day.  Mackerel is so cheap and SO good for you, if you want to eat more fish and are on a budget, make a beeline for this- so much nicer than ‘coley’ and river cobbler and other cheap fillets of white fish. I’m going to make this again next week while there’s lots of lovely tomatoes about.

So many people have turned their noses up when I said I’d made a melon and avocado soup, even more so when i mentioned the fact I’d put fresh anchovy fillets on.  I do understand that they may be an acquired taste, but do try not to knock it ’til you’ve tried it, fresh anchovy fillets taste nothing like the uber salty ones you get on pizzas.   As soon as this popped up in my Bloglovin feed I knew I was going to be making it very shortly, and after tasting it and loving it, and it’ll definitely be being made again too.

Do you like gazpacho?  What are you taking to work for lunch now that it’s proper summer?  Tweet me or comment below, I am always looking for lunch time inspiration.



    • July 11, 2014 / 10:13 am

      It really was! Let me know if you try either of them out xx

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