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I’m by no means a nutritionist or a dermatologist, nor do I have perfect skin. This post is just an amalgamation of information I’ve absorbed over my four years of daily blog reading and YouTube watching, as well as links to some of my favourite sites and articles.

Skincare, beauty, food and lifestyle- every day I learn something new about what I should and shouldn’t be eating/doing/using, and I’ve kind of taken all of this information and cherry picked the bits I want and apply them to my own routine.

So here’s my top tips about feeding your skin that I’ve picked up on my internet travels and seem to work keep my lairy complexion under control for the most part.

Sugar is the enemy


I love sugar, I can’t even begin to pretend I live my life by this rule.  I’m aware of it, and I avoid where possible (i.e. where I won’t notice it) but I really do struggle with this one. I love fizzy drinks more than anything. If I could be told that booze, or fizzy drinks could be fat free and good for me, I’d choose fizzy drinks any day. I’m the wrongun that can drink a can of Coke at 7am- I love it. I managed 16 days of lent before caving this year, the urge was just too strong.

Unswerving devotion aside, if I have a can+ a day, I see the difference in my skin within a week, less than. I don’t fuck about with diet drinks either I think they’re toxic. if I’m going to abuse my system with fizzy drinks, I at least want to know it’s the real thing, rather than just a load chemicals pretending to be sugar.

And that’s just the obvious stuff, if you really want to blow your mind, start reading the ingredients on packets- everything contains sugar. That glass of orange juice, those baked beans, white bread etc etc- all full of sugar. I definitely think that people can be extremely over-diligent when it comes to this, but it is worth keeping an eye on your intake. It might taste good, but it’s rotting your teeth, making you fat, breaking you out and making you look haggard- no real good will ever come of it. *reaches for the Coca Cola and Minstrels*.


Water is your friend

It sounds obvious I know, but seriously, drink water=look less haggard. Or if you want to be holistic about it drink water= feel better. I personally despise drinking water, but you’ll never see me far away from a bottle of it.

If it’s the taste you can’t abide then either get a citrus infusing water bottle, or fill a large jug with water, lemon wedges, cucumber slices and picked mint leaves- like Pimms, but not.  But in an ideal world you’ll be necking at least 2 litres of filtered or bottled water a day.  Sugar free squash is better than nothing if you don’t mind drinking poison, but really it should be completely natural water.

I know it’s hideously un-eco of me, but I love mineral water and have have numerous bottles of both still and sparkling around all the time, if I didn’t have these then I’m pretty certain my water consumption would shrink to virtually nil, and no one likes a shrivelled up old prune. I drink a lot of tea throughout the day, but any hydration benefits are wiped out by the threat of cellulite, caused by heavy caffeine consumption.


Know your skin type

My skin type has gone from normal to dry and dehydrated (on the antibiotics) to combination and dehydrated now I’m off them and since the weather’s got warmer too.

Your skincare needs to be suitable for your skin type (more on this below), so being aware of what that is, is of paramount importance. Otherwise, you could end up throwing good money after bad on the wrong products, and really screwing your skin up (temporarily) despite having the very best intentions.

Invest in the right skincare

This just follows on from the above really, there’s no point in having a makeup bag that’s worth hundreds of pounds if you’re using face wipes, harsh manual exfoliants and not using serum or moisturiser. Depending on how this post goes down (I know a lot of people who read my blog are in it for the food) I may do a separate post on my every day skincare, as well as one about the new anti ageing range from Nu Skin that I’m about to start trialling.

The products pictured above were what I threw money at when i was desperate about my skin, but hadn’t done much research at all. Some I still use to this day, but the majority of them weren’t right for me at the time, and aren’t really now either.

Prepare yourself for spending upwards of £100 on products and then read this cheat sheet (and any others that take your fancy, they’re all brilliant) by skincare guru Caroline Hirons. The number of people I’ve sent in the direction of her website must run into the hundreds now. She’s an absolute legend, funny, brutal and always straight to the point. As well as face to face consultations she also does online clinics on her blog where you can ask her questions. She’s hilarious on Twitter, capable of bankrupting me with her Instagram posts and she’s recently launched a YouTube channel which immediately became one of my favourites. Anyway, enough with the gushing (eww) she’s great, you should definitely read her blog and stalk her on everything- that’s all.

Seven a day

My mum always tells me off for preferring to drink my fruit and veg rather than eat it. When challenged on this with the fact that all of the fibre and goodness still remains as it’s blended rather than extracted like a juice, she gave in a little, but I know she wasn’t convinced… Either way, I am. Since having a daily smoothie (fruit or fruit and veg) I have more energy in the mornings and my skin has been loads clearer too. So sorry Mumsy, I can’t usually dispute your rightness on almost everything, but for me, it’s a winner. I wrote a full review of this blender along with lots of recipe suggestions.

Feed your skin to starve your wrinkles 

I found this post on a blog which is fairly new to me; A little pop of coral. It’s not saying anything groundbreaking or fancy, and I’m sure you’re perfectly capable of googling foods that are good for your skin, I just quite liked it so thought I’d share. I’d also add leafy greens, oily fish, live yoghurt, chilli, olive oil and manuka honey to her list too.

^^^ Those mofo’s ^^^

I’ve made no secret of the fact that my skin has been a little bitch, on and off, for the last two years really. In short (sorry boys) I came off the pill, hormones went insane, knock on affect was that I developed acne, at the age of 31- brilliant. To say it upset me would be an understatement, and the more it stressed me out, the worse my skin got, and round and round I went.

After about 8 months of complete and utter abject misery, trying endless products and masks alongside the skin stripping topical ointment that my doctor was prescribing, drinking gallons of water and eating my body weight in oily fish and avocados- my face was still a mess and I was absolutely beside myself. It got so bad at one stage, I used to cry every time I looked in the mirror- doing liquid eyeliner became extremely problematic.

I ended up going to see a dermatologist, dissolving into yet more tears in her office and left armed with a prescription for antibiotics, some better cream and her promise that it would eventually go away.  I wasn’t thrilled at the prospect of being on long term, strong medication- but I comforted myself with the fact she didn’t think it was aggravated by dairy, the thought of giving that up makes me want to have a tantrum. No icecream, no cheese, no cream, no chocolate… NO THANK YOU.

So in a nutshell: I cured my skin, through antibiotics (lymecycline), cream (epiduo) and sunbeds (don’t judge me). I’d like to say I was also eating a healthy diet and getting enough sleep etc, but I wasn’t, I was going out on benders all the time, barely eating and definitely not getting 8 hours a night. The only thing that cured my skin, was chemicals and drugs.. and possibly dumping someone who was making me miserable. I did toy with the idea of posting a before and after photo, but I just can’t bring myself to. If you’re offered them, take the drugs.

So after that cheerful little anecdote I feel I need to make myself clear, whilst my diet and water consumption had very little to do with the death of my acne, it has been a key part in maintaining my healthy skin now I’ve come off the antibiotics. The only noticeable things that cause my skin to flare up are my time of the month and the amount of stress in my life.

Facial Mapping

Some people might think this is a load of bollocks, I don’t. I would totally agree that whatever hell I’ve been putting my body through comes out more visibly through my face than anywhere. I’m not going to go into the in and outs of breakout patterns, I suspect this post may be a bit TMI as it is, but I definitely reckon there’s something in this.

What are your tips for keeping your skin healthy and looking good? Tweet me or comment below (you don’t need a Blogger account to do so), apparently it helps my SEO if you comment on here too, and seeing as how useless I am with coding etc, I need all the help I can get!


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