These are a few of my favourite things #28

Another pitiful week in the kitchen for me. In my defence, I’ve eaten out in a fairly substantial way nearly every day, and other than that, amazingly, I’ve not really felt that hungry, hot weather and stress are the only things that can curtail my usually, insatiable appetite. I have, however, purchased 6 books, some fiction, some non-fiction- all with a foodie theme, to take on holiday with me in less than two weeks time! SO EXCITED!

I was consulting my ‘to eat at’ list and I’ve actually chomped my way through a sizeable chunk of it since I updated it a couple of months ago, so I’ve spent some of this weekend surfing the web looking for new places to try and I’ve found lots, so stay tuned cos there’s exciting times ahead food-wise.

Anyone who lives in Brighton, or indeed anyone who has a social media account will be aware that it’s gay Pride this weekend. I went all out last year and had one of the best nights of 2013, but this year wasn’t really feeling it, so celebrated by spring cleaning my room in my pants, getting my hair done and watching trash TV. It was all going swimmingly until I was woken at 4:30am and then kept awake by seagulls, who also seem to be buzzing from all the festivities… bastards. At least I’m not going to be hungover.

Standard payday splurge in Booots

That concealer though… I love it, two shades so you can mix on the back of your hand to create the perfect colour, I think it’s ideal at this time of year as I am getting more and more tanned as the weeks go on. The powder that comes with it is transluscent so just sets your makeup and mattifies it slightly, without adding any additional colour. My skin is being a little bitch at the moment so this is being used daily.

I love everything about being tanned, apart from the fact that I buy a new foundation to match and then I need another one a couple of weeks later- enter the Soap & Glory solar powder bronzer. My current foundation is definitely a shade too light, so I mix it with my Stila illuminator, apply to my skin with my fingers and then buff in with a Real Techniques buffing brush. After that I swirl my contouring brush around in both the highlighter and bronzer in the palette and dust over my face to give it a healthy glow (what do I sound like?!).

I’ve seen lots of bloggers talking about the deep sleep range by this works, I used to have the pillow spray and it was amazing, I definitely need to repurchase it actually. I apply this to my pressure points, it has a rollerball applicator so it’s easy to use and a little goes a long way I find. Does it make me stress less… not really, but I’m going to persevere as I only got it on Thursday. I’ll report back.

My new vegetable spiralizer

This was one of my attempts at cutting down on wheat and carbs, and you know what? It was a complete success. Spiralizers come in all shapes, sizes and price points, mine came from Amazon, cost a tenner and is basically like a pencil sharpener for veg. I’ve also got a mandolin which would probably do the job just as well, but I’m scared of it, I rarely use it without sustaining some kind of injury or another, but I can see this getting used frequently. The above is ‘spaghetti’ made with yellow and green courgettes from my Mum’s garden, with buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomatoes heated up with olive oil, basil & seasoning until they start to break down, olives and white anchovy fillets.  I took the leftovers to work the next day and after a two min blast in the microwave it was just as delicious as it had been the previous evening.

Graduation drinkies with my favourite

Meet Dan, our worlds collided three years ago when I employed him asa student ambassador for a pilot social media strategy I was launching. Working with him was always an absolute pleasure, he was committed, hard working and I honestly couldn’t have got that project off the ground without him, and Jen the ambassador I employed at the same time. I stopped line managing him after 6 months and moved back into the central department at a separate campus, but we’ve stayed in touch ever since.

He graduated on Thursday with a 2:1 despite juggling a nearly full time managerial position at a language school, as well as working as a student ambassador both on and offline and volunteering weekly too. The boy is a machine, and quite frankly, an inspiration. I’m absolutely gutted I wasn’t at the ceremony but I met him in a pub in town after to buy him a champagne cocktail to toast his success.  Congratulations sweetie x

Coke float
Monkey fingers 

I eat at MEATliquor fairly regularly, but I can’t ever imagine a time that I’ll ever become bored of any of their fried meat and fish with hot sauce. The chicken wings and strips as well as the shrimp are divine. I’m an absolute sucker for a coke float, curdling of any kind usually makes me feel weird, but these I can make an exception for- especially if the Coke is from a glass bottle. Full marks MEATliquor- you rock my world.

Date night with Fran

This week I safaried out to Hove (again!) with my pal and fave Brighton blogger Fran from the Graphic foodie to eat at Bistro Nantais.  You can read the full review here, but it was absolutely fab. We’ve decided to make eating out together a regular occurrence, you’re never going to find anyone more understanding about needing to rearrange the table to get the best photo, constant instagramming throughout the meal and needing to analyse every aspect of the meal, right down to the positioning of the toilet… I know, I know shit just gets wiiiiiild when I go out for food.

Skippy super crunch peanut butter

My Mum got me into this stuff, it is THE ONE. You can keep your wholefoods and sunpats, Skippy is my one and only. I’m not even ashamed to admit that I lay in bed eating it straight from the jar with a spoon. I love it with raw apple, blended up in smoothies, in cooking and it can even make cardboardy, joyless rye bread taste appetising.

Homemade frappe latte and my knobbly knee

This is a late entry into my favourite things for this week, as I’m drinking this while I type! Regulars round these parts will know I’m obsessed with my Breville blender, so imagine my delight when I realised I could recreate (sort of) my favourite Starbucks drink. Couple of shots of coffee (instant is fine) mixed with some sugar, blend with a handful of ice add some milk (skimmed is ok if you must) and then give it another 10 seconds blending to combine. I would usually add whipped cream, but having it without is my nod to the fact I have to get in a bikini in  less that two weeks time… eeeek.

Baby dinosaur 🙂

What were your favourite things last week? Any restaurants you’d like to see reviewed on here? Tweet me or comment below. I’m always thrilled to hear from you x


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