I (finally) got a Facebook page

So I caved and got a Facebook page. I could always see the merits but it just meant yet more time spent on social media, but as I’m just starting to do some work with another company helping them with their online presence, I thought I’d have a quick warm up on my own page to refresh my skills. I’ve got loads of experience running both pages and groups, but Facebook do just love to move the goal posts allll the time.

I did a course today, at The University of Brighton, called ‘Getting started with social media’. As a total addict of Twitter and Facebook 50% of the course wasn’t news to me, but the section on LinkedIn was really demystifying and there was also some info about Facebook pages that helped me a lot. The rest of the class were pretty much beginners but all seemed to really appreciate the learning techniques and start to see the benefits of social media in professional life. I’m going on part two next month so will report back.

Anyway, the upshot of me doing this course was the reaffirmation of the fact (I did a study on this in my last role) that 90% of people I speak to have a facebook but the minority actively use Twitter, and as I want to grow my blog as much as possible, well, here I am.

Expect to see restaurant reviews, links to my all blog posts and YouTube videos, cat photos, what I had for dinner, no doubt a lot of ranting, but most of all, FOOD. I

So if you want to see more of the (sometimes worrying) inner workings of my mind, head on over to my page and give it a thumbs up, pretty please x


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