These are a few of my favourite things #36

I’ve been neglecting my blog and I feel wretched about it. I’ve been busy at work, editing video and going out lots, but it’s no excuse. It’s my hobby, my outlet and my online diary, if you like. So I do solemnly swear, to start posting three times a week- I’ve got a shitload of reviews that I need to finish off and put up, and start showing my original little corner of the ‘net some luuuurve…

*four days later* So you see, this post started out with the very best intentions, but events on two consecutive nights, meant that this week’s post is going to be put up the very latest I have ever done. I now have very little planned for the rest of the week other than some intensive chilling, cooking and blogging- a few nights in at Pussy Palace is just what the doctor ordered.

Speaking of doctors, everyone around me seems to be dropping like flies with some sort of lurgy, Fresher’s flu probably, it’s the same every year, I am going to be WELL unimpressed if this sore throat turns into something that makes me look/sound as rough as everyone else does! No one likes a martyr, if you’re ill and infectious, stay at home FFS. If you are selfish enough to come into work when RIDDLED, wearing those little masks that Chinese tourists wear should be mandatory.

18 years and still deliriously happy- gives me hope
Duck shepherds pie

 Meet Claire and Ray, in fact, regulars around these parts may remember them from previous favourite things posts.  I met Claire about 8 years ago when we were both working at a magazine called Shopping Centre (sounds fun and girly, really really wasn’t) we’ve stayed in touch ever since and her and her husband Ray have become very dear friends of mine.  If Ray’s coming I cook something hearty as he’s a fan of quality AND quantity and I’d had this Jamie Oliver recipe bookmarked for yonks.. it did not disappoint.

Products, puppies and plums at lovely Fran’s <3

I’ve met more lovely people through my day job thatn I could count on both hands and feet, but one of my absolute favourites is my mega babe friend Fran.  Makeup fanatic, food obsessive girly girl she and I truly are cut from the same cloth and I love her.  Unfortunately for me she has left Brighton to go and be a makeup artist at Blow Limited in London- I’m going to miss her loads.  She made me the most gorgeous meal from scratch while I rifled through her FABULOUS makeup collection and played with her dalmatian, Ernie.

Holy grail lash products

 After an eye-wateringly expensive August I decided to put myself on a beauty products/makeup spending ban… and stuck to it!! The lash plumping primer was a duty-free purchase that I have been LOVING and using religiously each day (must try to remember to use as  an overnight treatment too) and it’s the makeup equivalent of a soul mate, to this quite frankly, brilliant mascara by my beloved Stila- can this brand do no wrong?! SO GOOD. If you like mascaras which separate* the lashes then it may not be for you, but if it’s length and volume you’re after, this is the don!

*I find the serum helps to define the lashes before applying the ‘top coat’ of mascara.
One for all you phone addicts..

 My unhealthy (probably borderline abusive) relationship with my iPhone is something anyone who’s spent more than 10 minutes in my company is well aware of. Whilst I can see that it’s a problem, I have a far more pressing one- its completely WACK battery life (and don’t get me started on their shitty wires). After incessant complaining across a variety of social media channels, I got sent one of these bundles of joy to trial. So far so good, I’d say I can get 2-3 full phone charges out of it before it dies. It has the added bonus of having two USB ports so you can charge two devices at the same time.  I’ll give it some more intensive testing and report back.

Shoreham Harbour looking really rather beautiful
UniThai, Hove

With just a few tables out the back of the compact Asian mini-market, this rough and ready noodle bar sells a small number of Authentic Thai dishes and daily specials in a no frills dining area, with even more no-frills service style. It was my second visit and won’t be my last.

Street Diner

There’s nothing else I can say about Street Diner that I haven’t said a million times before. Watch my video and read my numerous blog posts about it, then GO GO GO and fill your boots! Clockwise from the top left are food porn from my three favourite traders, Toston Tolon, Sultan’s Delights and Honeycomb Cakes.

Chocolate making workshop with ChocoHolly

I’ll be writing a full on blogpost with accompanying video, BUT… If you love chocolate or know anyone who does then look no further for the IDEAL way to while away a few hours.

Artisan chocolatier Holly runs a series of edible workshops from her beautiful studio on Western Road in Hove. Check out her website and follow on Twitter to find out more, and keep your eyes peeled for my upcoming reviews and finished products as well!

I know I should buy local but…

I have always been a total sucker for a Starbucks. I know they dodge taxes and are an evil, corporate chain etc- but there really is nothing else to rival their seasonal coffees. I often buy a bottle of their gingerbread syrup when it’s available on sale around the festive season, but this was a new one altogether on me.  I think they may have gone a little OTT on the syrup as towards the end it was tooth-tinglingly sweet, but it still got a big thumbs up from me- cream is obligatory though.

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside…

Also featuring in my most recent weekly Vlog, this lovely afternoon of indulgence at Riddle & Finns, went some way in softening the blow dealt to me at The Coopers Cask earlier that day (rant also in my vlog).   Technically it was the wrong time of day for a Bloody Mary, but I love them. The oysters were the Jersey variety, my favourites, not a hint of that rank creaminess you get with some types, just plump, juicy and incredibly fresh.  Their bread basket comes with fresh horseradish, aioli and homemade mackerel pate, all for an extremely reasonable £1 per person. I honestly could’ve eaten about 5 to myself, why does bread have to make me fat, WHY?!?!

What were your favourite things last week? Any restaurants you’d like to see me review on here or over on my YouTube channel? Tweet me or comment below x


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