These are a few of my favourite things #39

 This blog post comes to you live, from my bed, on a Monday afternoon. Other than the fact I’m feeling ever so slightly delicate after an extremely heavy night with two of my besties, I couldn’t be more content at this precise moment.

Actually that’s a lie, my afternoon could definitely be improved upon by someone feeding me cake and then spooning me whilst playing with my hair, in complete silence… So whilst that orderly queue is forming outside my flat, I’m just going to crank up my electric blanket, watch a Disney film and eat some M&S praline ganache tart- sexy time.

In other news, I’ve been tasked with organising our office Xmas do’s eating arrangements, so I’ve been perusing my friend Fran’s blog post on this very topic. I have also started Christmas shopping, it was unintentional, but felt surprisingly good. I love Christmas, SO SO SO SO SO much, but I promise not to mention it again until bonfire night’s over.. then it all systems go!

Lunch at ‘The Verdict’

Opposite the most depressing place in the world, AKA Brighton Job Centre, is a gorgeous little cafe with downstairs jazz bar, that I’d paid little to no attention to, nor heard anything about.  I went there for a business lunch and had the celeriac and apple soup with blue cheese and walnuts.  I’m going to do a full review of this quirky little venue, so won’t say anymore than, I’ll definitely be paying them a visit again.

Baker Street (just off London Road)

I am a habitual phone smasher. I love my phone more than most (OK, probably more than anyone) but I My regular and long-standing relationship with this shop started nearly 4 years ago and I haven’t got a bad word to say about them- quite the reverse.  They do all the work at the shop within a few hours and are very lovely and helpful too, despite always seeing me at my worst (anticipated separation anxiety from my phone) they’ve always been absolutely charming. Highly recommended- so much so I can even overlook their deplorable spelling of the word ‘fone’..

I had SUCH a bad experience with another phone repair shop in Brighton, who shall be named- King of GSM- you are absolute CROOKS. I was so incensed after my last visit to the shop (the third in two weeks) that I almost wrote an entire blog post, devoted to slagging off this seedy shop, its wide-boy owners, it’s jokes pricing policy, their appalling ‘repairs service and their dubiously stained chairs. I kind of wish I had now, the anger is still white hot, even months on. So basically, never ever go there. I got sucked in by their late opening hours and close proximity to my home, but I can assure you, I would take annual leave and travel to the ends of the Earth to avoid every going in there again.

Best pie shop in town

Fortuitously, this seriously overlooked shop, is opposite the Phone Doctor’s (above) so I usually comfort myself by buying myself a couple of their excellent pies.  These guys are well off the grid, no social media or advertising at all, and tucked away down a side street off London Road, but they’ve been there years and there’s always other customers in there whenever I visit and loads of people I speak to have heard of it.  They make the pies, by hand, at the back of the shop, fresh every day, and they are lush.

I can highly recommend the steak, chicken leek and bacon and the lamb and mint pies too. I also know a few people who swear by the beano pie too. At £1.50 each and usually still warm from the oven, these pies are the one. Mmmm pie…

Duck two ways

Funnily enough, a lot of my closest friends have little to no interest in cookery. My friend Alex isn’t one of them. She is a fabulous cook, hostess and a total babe to boot, so I didn’t need to be asked twice to go round for a gorgeous supper made by her.

She bought and jointed a whole duck which she cooked two ways, burgers (Alex, if you’re reading, can you say what the ingredients were in the comment box below please?) as well as shredded Peking stylee in a brioche bun. With it she served roasted pineapple, home pickled cucumber, fennel slaw and my absolute fave; Morning Glory (an Asian veg). The whole thing was absolutely moist-making, and I do not use that word lightly.

First change to my hair colour in 15 years
I fucking hate selfies

 I know some of you will be looking at that photo thinking that my hair looks the same, but I can assure you, it now has my natural colour as well as dark and honey blondes too which have hugely toned down my summer blondness to something much more natural and multi-tonal looking.  My hairdresser Rob is a good friend of mine, he is so hilarious and has been colouring my hair for years now, firstly when he was working for Tony and Guy and now he does it for me at home. He works at Gary Forde hair on North St, if you’re looking for a new colourist check him out. He is well tolerant about hair related OCDs too.

Coffee and cake at Stamner House

Last week I had a review for work and my lovely, lovely boss took me to Stamner House for coffee and cake. I don’t really talk about my ‘other life’ on here, but all I will say is, she’s amazing.  The cake was delicious, but the coffee was meh- I am an absolute nazi about this though, I had 8 years of making coffees at Pizza Express with extensive barista training.  In cappucino terms, that specimen is an abortion.

All pubs should have these…

Can I just say, that tomato juice is rank without all the accoutrements added to make it my second favourite hangover drink (first is Coke), and the Sidewinder’s Bloody Mary bar means you can make it exactly to your own specifications. Well worth a visit. I also keep seeing photos of exciting looking Mexican food being posted on their Twitter feed, so I think I may need to go and investigate at some point soon. Will report back, obvs.

The best reason to go to London Road
My favourite people in my favourite place <3

If you’re familiar with this blog/any of my social networks, you’ll know that I’m a frequent visitor to MEATliquor in Brighton. Some of the team there are friends of mine, I love the food, the vibe, the venue- it’s brilliant. I’ve been banging on about it to my friends Chloe and Dan for ages, so when we arranged their annual visit to Brighton- this was immediately decided upon as the venue to gorge ourselves on food. I’ve just been watching the video footage I got of our rampage, so keep your eye on my YouTube channel as I’ll edit it and put it up soon.

Hello beautiful
A solid 7/10

As you can see, things have been pretty low calorie around here this week (?!) and I’ve paid not one, but two visits, to my local, the Kemp Town Deli, which I’ve mentioned on here countless times. I love the breakfasts, always disappointed by the lack of black pudding or hash browns (they charge £2.50 for an additional potato rosti cake), and slightly disappointed by some of the portion sizes this time. But that Eggs Royale though… Incredible. Their hollandaise is gorgeous. I also really rate their sandwiches too, their homemade apricot chutney is really good.

There’s a few things about this place that I have mixed feelings about, and it’s the interior… it’s very shabby in some places, I’m not a huge fan of their loos and mainly, they got 1/5 on the scores on the doors for safety and hygiene too, flunking hard in every category *gulp*. I have eaten here dozens of times and have never *ahem* paid the lavatorial consequences, but reading the scores on the doors report back through and thinking about their general grime in there today.. ewww.

Nuff said.

What were your favourite things last week? Any restaurants you’d like to see me review on here or over on my YouTube channel? Tweet me or comment below. x

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