Review: Kambis, Brighton

I remember reading a description of a meal in a Lebanese restaurant, when I was much younger in a novel. When the author talked about food she described luxurious dips, chargrilled cubes of tender meat and ice cold melon juice, and for some reason it’s always stuck in my mind. Kambis may have failed me on the beverage front, but they definitely made up for this with BYOB  and a quick peruse of their menu online told me that there was a tick in the other two boxes of my fantasy.

A while ago I put a shoutout on Twitter about best kebab shops in Brighton and there were two that were tweeted to me over and over again; Albion kebabs on Queens Road (by the station) or Kambis. I actually opted for the former on that occasion, but made a mental note to try the latter ASAP.

About 3 or 4 minutes before I suggested we leave…

Jenna and I ended up here after fleeing from an absolute abomination of a performance at the Dome in Brighton.  It’d always been the plan to go to Kambis, but at around 9pm. When we walked in at about 7:45 on a Tuesday evening the place was buzzing and almost full- an excellent sign.

We were greeted warmly by an incredibly beautiful lady in her twenties (I’d guess) and taken to a seat towards the back.  It was kinda dark, but actually quite atmospheric along with the music and the smell coming from the grill, I liked it straight from the off.

I’d already stalked the menu online before going so already had an idea of what I wanted, thankfully mine and Jenna’s taste in food is equally excellent, so we agreed on a good mix of dishes, washed down with lots of Desperados for me and Wine for her (no corkage fee- bonus). They also have an absolute bargain of an Xmas menu which is well worth a look.

Portion of Lebanese flatbread- £1.50

Any kind of flatbread will forever be compared to the bottomless and free flat bread basket at Makara, I chomped my way through almost three full baskets when I was there and although I thought the place overall was only alright, that bread was gooood. This bread was fine, unremarkable but the perfect accompaniment to go with both our starters and mains.

Hoummos Awarma- £5.50

Lamb fillets*? on hoummos? GOLD friggin’ star to whichever little genius dreamed this up. I’ve seen all manner of ‘topped’ hummus (what is the correct spelling?) but juicy, meat was a new one to me, and it’s an experience I hope to repeat.

*When I just went on the website to check the menu the lamb fillets in the descriptor on the menu photo above, have been replaced by lamb mince.

Kalaji- £4.00

Some of you who have followed this blog for a while, you’ll remember that I used to live with Jenna. Those of you who were really paying attention will remember that Jenna, when drunk, somehow always manages to locate a shop selling halloumi (again, what is the correct spelling) and then knaws on it, raw (en route home I presume) then either hides the evidence, leaves it strewn all over the kitchen surface, or puts the remaining nibble in the fridge for another time. SUCH a weird drunken snack and reason #47559 why I love her. She has a blog too, it’s funny and cool as fuck, just like her- check it out.

So that was a reeeeally longwinded way of saying that this starter, halloumi sandwiched between toasted Lebanese bread, was in honour of Jenna, and her weirdness <3

Kambi’s Charcoal Grill- £13.00

When I opted for hommous as my accompaniment*, they took me seriously. I knew from the delicious starter that it was a goodun and was already looking forward to having more.  I demolished the whole lot (obvs) as well as half the salad. I really enjoyed it, nothing especially out of the ordinary one lamb and one chicken shish and a lamb kufta, but thinking about it now and looking at the pictures is making me want to eat it all over again.

Sorry to keep harping on about Makara but this is actually less of a variety than on the mixed grill I had there, what I had here, meat wise, but this was somehow better. More seasoned, less *consults Makara review* … ordinary. This was actually the case overall, other than the flat bread.

*After a quick look at their menu this evening they don’t seem to offer this as an accompaniment anymore, just salad and chips or rice.

Chicken grill- £11.00

This was Jenna’s and the same as mine, lest the red meat.  It wasn’t her first time at Kambis and she loved it as much this visit as she has done in the past.  We both agreed that we were full, just not uncomfortably so.  I have to say it, cos I always do- they didn’t state that the chicken is free range, which in 99.9999% of cases means that it isn’t.

Salad, nice dressing, otherwise unremarkable.

I was so busy filming the loos (for a vlog that I haven’t finished editing) that I forgot to take photos, but I’m happy to report that they were great too. Very chintzy, but clean and well equipped.

So overall: Would I recommend Kambis; yes- already have and you can consider this blog post my personal recommendation too.  Will I be back; Already booked to come back in December in a large group so will report back on how the food is then, things can often be drastically altered if the kitchen/grill is at capacity. Still really looking forward to it.

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  1. November 27, 2014 / 2:08 pm

    Perfect description of the evening haha….I've been here about 4 times now and each time it's been so delicious. YES HALLUMI YES YES YES YES YES

    • November 28, 2014 / 10:17 am

      I'm going back on 19th, can't wait! It was a perfect evening! Apart from the screamometer…..

  2. Emily Bemily
    December 7, 2014 / 1:19 pm

    Love Kambis. If you haven't already you have to eat their mixed Shawarma (take out menu). They are the best in Brighton & Albion Kebabs being a strong 2nd for their amazing Shawarmas too!

    • December 19, 2014 / 6:09 pm

      OMG Emily had some shwarma on the plater at our Xmas do today- SO SO good- deffo gonna try a takeaway some day! xx

    • February 11, 2015 / 11:07 am

      I was in a start up today and heard some one talk about rosie posies puddings and pies . I look forward to coming down and trying the food. Hope it tastes as good as the blog shows and on top of that is your why. In these way The Bali Brasserie is one of best Restaurants in Brighton, famous as a fantastic name in Brighton Restaurants to enjoy eating out in Brighton and Hove.

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