These are a few of my favourite things #42

I was expecting my annual post-Birthday blues this week, but in fact, I’ve had the best time. I’ve caught up with lots of people, one of whom I I hadn’t seen for about six years and it was like we’d never been away. She’s coming down to Brighton to see me next weekend as well and we’re going to eat our way around Brighton.

This weekend has been pretty much perfect, food, friends, lots of naps and pampering. I’ve pulled loads of muscles in my stomach from laughing, there was a point for about five minutes last night where I couldn’t breathe I was laughing so much. I’ve spent this evening chilling with my flatmate, eating puddings and pies and watching Home Alone 2- I feel completely content and ready for a busy week.

*Update/rant klaxon*  it’s now Tuesday night, life took over, and here I am again, finishing this off late, again. Various people/companies have been ensuring that my blood has remained at a slow simmer, pretty much since Monday morning, but I need to get a grip, people are dicks, companies and technology are unreliable, I need to let it goooooo, maaan.

Flea Market finds

I won’t bang on for too long as I lavished love on my local Flea Market in last week’s post. But seriously, it is amazing, and such reasonable prices. That platter was about £8 and is now doing an aesthetically pleasing job of housing my skincare and also protecting my dressing table (£65 from the Flea Market) from spillages. Love it.

Breakfast in Brixton
My first Wahaca

 I also mentioned something exciting was happening last Monday, and that exciting thing was me going to London to be reunited with a good friend of mine, at a video shoot for Vice and 7up about her and her husband’s street food business, Bangwok, and the story behind it. It was SO amazing to see Sarah and to finally meet her husband as well. We had breakfast baps in the Duck egg cafe over the road from where we were filming, and then the lovely people from Vice bought us lunch from Wahaca too, I’ve gotta say, I was actually pretty impressed… I need to try more though.

 The whole day was such a good laugh and Sarah is coming to spend the night with me on this weekend, like I said, we’ve got a lot of eating scheduled, I may even vlog it, so watch this space.

Too much of a bargain to resist
I mean, can you blame me, just look at those colours!

The cost of four doesn’t even equal the price of once of those in Boots, which, by my calculations, makes it pretty much… free?! doesn’t it?  I’m currently rocking the one on the far right, and although it isn’t the greatest formulation (bit streaky if you don’t handle carefully) it’s a nice colour and has lasted two days without chipping so far. Glamour magazine do this offer every year, last year they did a gorgeous collection with Kate Spade which I gleefully snapped up, and I can remember at least two other years, them doing similar. Other than my 70 strong (don’t judge me) Essie collection, Nails inc is the only brand I’ve consistently (and excessively) bought from.  In addition to the 28 arranged on an acrylic stand on my shelves, I just got given a 10 pack for my Birthday too (Thanks Claire and Ray).  My Mum thinks a psychologist would have great fun pulling apart my nail polish fixation, it’s not a thought I like to dwell on too long…

Puddings and pies with Lovely Ray and Claire

This was the concluding chapter in my Birthday celebrations.  Claire and Ray are one of a handful of couples whose relationship I genuinely envy (in a nice way). Together since they were teenagers, they’re so in love it’s sickening (again, in a nice way).  Claire usually cooks when I come over but Ray decided to get his chef on in honour of my Birthday and made a lovely pie and mash with gravy and lots of veg. Claire made pudding, banana upside down cake, I was in such a hurry to start eating it I forgot to take a photo. That never happens. Gorgeous food with my gorgeous peeps, I left that house one very happy ‘Birthday’ girl. I know you’ll be reading Claire, so thanks lots, love you both xx

Pizza crawl #2

Part 2 of the pizza experiment being carried out by me and my friend Fran, took place on Friday and the results were a lot more palatable than the first part of our mission. There was third as well, Franco’s, on Hove seafront- let’s just say, it made up for the abortion that Marocco’s (around the corner) served us up. We’ve got a couple more rounds to do, so keep your eyes peeled for the full round ups as well as mini reviews on our Twitter and Facebooks.

If ever there was two photos that summed my cats up…

I’m currently suffering crippling guilt as the cat on the right, Rocco, lies on my lap, blissfully unaware that in the morning I’ll be bundling him into his carry case and taking him to the vets to have what is left of (don’t ask) his front, massive canine tooth.  Those pictures really to sum them up to a tee though. Vacant and chilled out and serious attitude. Their fur goes everywhere, and they’re a hassle sometimes, but they are also adorable and the best pit I have ever thrown money in to.

Iceskating at the pavilion <3
’tis the season to be…
If Bangers says it’s time to get festive…

 I’m trying not to get too excited about Christmas, really I am, but then stuff like the ice rink at the pavilion,  festive candle flavours and Christmas pies from Bangers (it was incredible), my festive spirit (which I know in my heart of hearts I should be containing until December 1st) just bubbles over with excitement. I think once Bonfire Night is over, the floor belongs to Christmas really. I don’t decorate until December, but an appearance of my beloved festive bed linen is definitely imminent.

I LOVE Christmas, every year I get older (sob) the more and more I love it. Brighton does Christmas extremely well, gorgeous lights, festive pop ups, German markets, Mulled cider in every pub.. I could go on, but I’ll spare you. I’ve also learnt to appreciate Christmas even more since not working in hospitality, the ordeal of trying to get time off over Christmas and New Year, or worse still actually having to work those shifts, is still burnt into my memory. I now work somewhere that gives you between Christmas and New Year off, and doesn’t even make you take it out of annual leave- I appreciate it SO much. So yeah, prepare for the c-bomb to be dropped more and more around here as the posts go on. I hate it when people say this, but… Sorry.not.sorry.

A new entry..

I have never been a massive fan of Masterchef, but this series of the professionals has actually got me gripped. Plus the fact me and two friends have a whatsapp group chat about it (yes, I started it) and it is LOLs. Oh and Sven, what a cutie <3

Me, all day, every day…

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