These are a few of my favourite (festive) things #49

Despite being one of my favourite times of the year, December seems to have gone by in an absolute blur of illness, eating, rushing about and now more illness. Let’s take it slow this last week of the year shall we?

I can’t believe this is the last of these posts of 2014, I only wish I’d started in week 1 of the year, the fact that this isn’t post #52 is really landing on my OCD nerve. That aside, I’m SO glad that I started doing it, it’s such a nice way to look back at what I got up to week by week, and also a great way to take stock of all the good.

I shan’t ramble on about 2014/15 as I’m going to do a separate post on that altogether; don’t worry though, there won’t be any #newyearnewme hype being pumped out through any of my channels. Just a look back at the year and forward to the next. I’ve already done a month by month roundup of my favourite Brighton food, which has had a lot of traffic, but very few comments, so please do head on over and tell me what your favourite meal of 2014 has been! (in Brighton or otherwise).

It’s going to be quite a picture heavy post with an almost exclusively festive theme. If you’ve had a gutful of other people’s Christmases, then I suggest you bail now- soz.

Jenna’s cooking is BUFF

Luxury ‘upside down’ trifle, for 6, that we demolished
Gorgeous and thoughtful presents

My former flatmate Jenna and I had a little Christmas soiree round at her gaff where she made me a lovely meal, including hors d’oeuvres (not pictured) and we got a little merry and exchanged gifts. She got me the gorgeous moleskine diary-the ultimate little black book, and some cat shaped highlighters which I’m not sure I could love anymore. I gave her a ‘scratch map’ and a book called ‘Eat Pretty’ which I knew she’d love.

Ever since Boxing Day Jenna has put me to absolute shame, whipping up all sorts of healthy and delicious snacks, whilst I gorge myself on cheese toasties and Christmas cake… Check out her blog, Raw Rhubarb, for lots of lovely recipes and her real talk about how to give a shit about what you eat and still enjoy it.

Homemade gifts for my family

We won’t talk about the 3 litres of fudge that refused to set.. I may never get over it. At least the cookies were so foolproof that even I couldn’t balls them up. I found the recipe on another food blog, The Pink Whisk – the post includes a step by step guide with pictures, as well as labels and instruction pdfs to download and print out; simples.

As filthily good as it looks
Rocco obviously didn’t get the memo about festive spirit
Gammon with dauphinois, braised red cabbage and, er, sugar snap peas and mange tout

Seeing as I have a family whose focus is on living as carbon footprint friendly a lifestyle as possible, it always amazes me that every year, without fail we have (Guatemalan) mange tout and/or sugar snap peas, with this otherwise festive and relatively seasonal meal. I still haven’t got to the bottom of how it started, but it’s just one of those Christmas traditions that would feel odd if we didn’t honour now! Do you have any unusual menu items with your Christmas meals?

Mumsy knows the score <3
Never too old for a stocking…

I shan’t bang on about all of my presents as I gather a lot of people find it distasteful (I however, have been gorging myself on ‘what I got for Xmas posts/vlogs since Boxing day) but I know y’all are here for the food.  Santa Claus still comes on the proviso that there’s no tat, just stuff I need, useful things that are annoying to buy yourself (batteries/razors/toothbrush) as well as a few other makeup bits and bobs, and chocolates, because, everyone needs chocolate at Christmas. I’m a very lucky girl and feel incredibly grateful to be so spoilt by my friends and especially my Mum.

Bringing sexy back in my festive tunic…
20lb of organic bird from the farm up the road
I want to eat it all over again…
Standard Christmas dinner shot (pre gravy)

Other than peeling some veg and supervising a bit, I can’t really take any credit for the Christmas day roast, hats off to my Mum really, it was a beaut. My only regret was the lack of cheese element (my job), but there simply wasn’t enough oven room.

Obligatory cheese shot for instagram

My Mum forced the remainder of the extensive cheeseboard on me to take back to Brighton, presumably so that the calories can land on my waistline rather than hers. Anyway I’m not really complaining, I LOVE cheese and have literal regard or interest in the number of calories it contains, it’s Christmas… er, sort of.

Panettone and a pint of tea
The beginnings of bubble ‘n’ squeak for 13 people
Festive smorgasbord 
Boxing day evening landscape

Firstly, can we all take a moment to appreciate my pyjamas, hands down the snuggliest and most festive garments I’ve donned all season, and there’s been a few! I watched Frozen for the first time that evening, and I can honestly say, the hype is true, I loved it and yes, I’ve had the songs on a loop in my head ever since.

Festive shawarma 

Ever since I posted my review of Kambis, people have been tweeting me to tell me that I have to try the shawarma, so on Friday night I decided to do just that. That’s a large grilled chicken shawarma with hummus and chips. It came with two flatbreads which I basically turned into two ‘kebabs’ with all of the fillings slathered in the potent chilli sauce that came it with. I enjoyed every bite and I think that for a tenner, it was considerably cheaper than a dominos or some other rank takeaway, and soooo much better.

The ultimate leftovers sandwich
Chipotle turkey with gruyere, cheddar & pickles

I know this can be a really difficult time of year for some people, myself included, but I hope that wherever you were enjoyed your day and did what makes you happy.

Are you a Christmas lover or hater? Did you do anything interesting with your leftovers? Comment below or Tweet me x

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  1. December 31, 2014 / 9:52 am

    I keep thinking about making some of those X-in-a-jar things as gifts but I'm put off by the thought of giving everyone food poisoning as no one source seems to agree on the best way to sterilise the jars. Any tips?

    • December 31, 2014 / 4:53 pm

      Absolutely none! I just bought new jars from a cookware shop and hoped for the best! Didn't anticipate they'd be in the jars long anyway. I'll let you know if all of the recipients survive…

  2. December 31, 2014 / 10:49 am

    Oh my, I need Christmas dinner all over again. Mine was nowhere near as glorious looking as yours, which is okay to say as I cooked it. Love it, love the blog.

    • December 31, 2014 / 4:52 pm

      Aaaah thank you <3 just followed your blog on bloglovin, don't worry about not having a theme, you'll find your groove, I really enjoyed reading! Happy New Year x

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