These are a few of my favourite things #47

Do you know what really isn’t my favourite thing. Tonsillitis. I’ve been battling with it since Tuesday, but due to various work and life commitments I haven’t been able to properly ‘down tools’ and be ill until today. I’m now lying in bed, onesie on, hot lemon and honey in hand writing this post, unusually, on a Friday, ready to post on Sunday.

Now I’m not sure if I’m just tripping out on all of the sore throat drugs I’m dosed up on, but I was just looking at my own Instagram pics and I was struck by how much colour there is in it, and it made me feel incredibly lucky. I have my down days and I have been known to have a whinge from time to time, but in general, I’m really happy with my lot.  I love that I’ve been doing these posts weekly since the beginning of the year so have them all to look back on in the future. I get to do and eat so many lovely things and I’m hugely grateful for it all.

This week I wrote a post asking you to tell me about you. I’ve had numerous comments on the post itself as well as individual emails too. I have read, replied to and loved them all. I genuinely found it fascinating finding more out about you all, and what you do and don’t like about my blog, I thank you all so much for taking the time to do it and for your honesty as well, it means a lot. I’d love to hear from as many of you as possible, so if you do have a spare five minutes, hit this link and tell me about you, please 🙂

Sometimes you just can’t beat an omelette 

I fried an onion and some finely chopped brussel sprout flowers in a big nob (tee hee) of butter with some seasoning. Then whipped up an omelette with some slices of melted cheddar, served it with the fried veg inside with some steamed spinach too. Healthy(isn) filling and the Burford brown eggs that I used, really are the best eggs readily available from supermarkets.

I ate the one on the right from the jar with a spoon…
… and turned the one on the left into brownie frosting

I might as well turn this post into one called ‘these are a few of my favourite things from M&S’! I am not sponsored by them, nor do I get freebies- I just love them, and this love for them has only deepened since working somewhere 200 metres from an M&S food. Move over Skippy, I think I just found my new favourite peanut butter.

I don’t actually want to talk about the brownies. Delicious as they were, they were a bit of a fail on my part. The frosting is delicious, truly, but the brownie was more of a cake. I bottled it when I was assessing the squidgeiness and put it back in for far longer than I should. Gutted, but no-one else seemed to mind. If you want to recreate then the recipe is on my blog, but if in doubt, take them out- no one ever complained about a brownie being too squishy, now did they?

Definitely one of the highlights of my year in food

There’s a full review of this coming next week but regular readers will know I am a mega fan of 64 degrees and that I also had a fab meal at silo last month too. I’d already scanned the Tabl website for tickets available and it had sold out very quickly indeed- so I was absolutely delighted to get a Twitter message inviting me to be their guest. I’m so excited to share the photos and my thoughts on the meal, it’s gonna be a goody.

Winner winner chicken dinner!

You may or not have read my review of h.en chicken shop I posted the other day. If you have then you’ll know I entered this photo into a selfie competition to win a meal for two… and only went and won! I bloody love winning stuff and am delighted to have a reason to go back ASAP. If you haven’t read my review and love chicken, then I suggest your click on this link.

Cosy nights in at Pussy Palace

Rosie and I (flatmate is also called Rosie) have been living it up at Pussy Palace this week and the theme has definitely been a festive one! I’m not sure I could commit to having one overall favourite Christmas film, but this would definitely be in the top three and I cry every time I watch it too. Manuka honey has been my best mate this week, I’ve been eating spoonfuls of it to try and soothe my raw and ravaged throat, I don’t feel like it’s doing much but it’s meant to be hella good for you and I’ll try anything to avoid antibiotics!

This is day 5 and no chips…

… this is unheard of for me, what with the constant typing, touchscreen use, heavy handedness and general clumsiness- but this polish from my beloved Essie has got serious staying power. Two coats of their inky blue paint, ‘Style cartel’ from the 2014 winter collection and a slick of seche vite fast dry top coat and these babies have been indestructible. My love for Essie is unwavering, but I will admit some of the formulas for different colours can differ in staying power, but this one is spot on.

M&S bringing IT with their Christmas decs selection

I’ll spare you all another whinge about my lack of Christmas tree. Whilst I am still gutted I do feel slightly better than I did, after receiving a text from my Mum who was in a waiting room, watching a cat ‘systematically destroy’ the entire bottom half of a Christmas tree. Thank FUCK for M&S and all of their pretty alternatives. I will definitely be combing their sales for bargain price ones for next year, they rock. The bottom right is filled with delicious festive shortbread and is musical AND rotates.

SUCH a good invention <3

Just another wild Friday night at Pussy Palace, de-bobbling my cashmere collection and playing hide and seek with Rocco… Seriously though, if you’re a fan of the kind of knitwear that bobbles, say hel-lo to your new best mate.  My Mum gave me mine for Christmas a few years ago, and I haven’t looked back. You just run it over the surface of the problem area and it trims off the bobble- simples. They’re about a fiver on Amazon and honestly have given my beloved jumpers and cardis, now the weather is colder and they’re starting to get worn again on rotation, a nice little refresh.

Some of you may be thinking ‘collection’ she must be rolling in cash- not at all, my favourite places to buy everyday cashmere are incredibly affordable and nearly always on offer.  M&S (again) do the best machine washable offering and theres always offers on  (I’ve got 30% off before) so well worth keeping your eyes peeled for that. Others include Gap (also have perpetual promo codes doing the rounds) uniqlo and most recently H&M

Lovely morning with my Mum

I think the only thing that could have coerced me out from my sick bed (have I mentioned that I’m ill?!) was the promise of some ‘Mummily love’. I met my Mum for a couple of hours earlier for a catch up, some TLC and a very gentle mooch around the supermarket too. I had a little reminder from someone on Twitter earlier that not everyone’s as fortunate to be as close to their Mum’s as I am. My Mum and I, despite living in the same house, barely communicated on a significant level for years (my fault entirely) so the relationship we have now is all the more precious, and  I will never, ever take it for granted.

Wise words

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  1. December 14, 2014 / 10:00 pm

    As if I could;t love M&S Food any more, I didn't know they sold cashew butter especially with sea salt (something cashew butter from health food shops don't seem to bother to add… although Holland & Barrett sell manuka honey sweets which are the actual shit if you have a sore throat) Missed your post about getting to know your readers, will head over now 🙂 x

    • December 15, 2014 / 1:21 pm

      Hanna, you NEED this stuff in your life, you must seek some out immediately. I ate the shortbread from inside the christmas tin dipped in it <3 (oink)
      Just heading over to read your comment now, I've been loving them all, you should do one on your site, it's fascinating! xx

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