These are a few of my favourite things #48

This blog post (well at least some of it) is coming to you from a pub in Hove where I’m having some blissful quality time with myself and my laptop, sitting beside a Christmas tree, waiting for my roast to come.  I couldn’t be happier… hopefully this won’t change when my food arrives?!

Today’s the first day in two weeks where I’ve woken up not feeling some sort of ill. Yesterday was my own fault entirely (b2b Christmas/Bday parties) and the day was a write off. I would say I’m gutted, but actually I had a fairly productive day blog-wise, plus I love a day in bed too.

My plans for the rest of the afternoon include a trip to my beloved Sugardough bakery for some festive treats, then home for some mulled cider, a Christmas film and perhaps a bit of present wrapping. I can’t believe it’s going to all be over in a few days As a result of being bedridden my favourite things are all home based this week.

Healing Ramen

If you’re all bunged up then this is the soup for you. The broth is made from 500ml of chicken stock, 1tbsp hot pepper sauce, 1 tbsp of fish sauce and 1/2 tbsp of soy sauce and the juice of a lemon  and then throw in whatever needs using up/you fancy.  I did a full recipe post suggesting various flavour combinations (here) too, and can be easily adapted to suit all tastes/vegetarians etc.

Don’t judge me…

Some people collect stamps, I collect nail polish. I know it’s excessive, I know no-one needs that number of any product- but I looooove it.  This love affair began in my teens, continued in my early twenties when I became a qualified nail technician, and has been going strong ever since.

Top left is random brands which I’ve been given or just accrued over time. Top right is Nails inc, bottom left Essie and bottom right is treatments, accessories and my gel nail kit. I don’t tend to deviate much from the same top coat/basecoat/nail polish removers. I’ve tried out dozens over the years, so I know what I like and I stick to it. I’m getting more and more messages asking me about nail care and other beauty products and I love chatting to people about it, so do always feel free to tweet me or comment on a post if you ever do have a question.

Late Birthday present WIN

I LOVE waffles. I really want to go to Duck and Waffle restaurant, preferably at sunrise (it’s open 24 hours) , to eat their signature dish of a confit leg, with waffle, fried egg and a separate jug of mustard maple syrup. I know some people will think that sounds rank but I want. I also want to try their oxcheek savoury donut as well.  As I haven’t been in London, at sunrise, or otherwise, recently, I decided to take matters into my own hands and put a waffle making machine on my Birthday list, and my lovely friend Alex obliged. I’ll report back on how they go and maybe even do a blog post.

Carbonara with Trofi pasta

The first time I ever ate carbonara  was on holiday in St Tropez with my parents. It came in a black cauldron type pan with a raw egg on the side which my Dad helped me to crack and stir in so that it cooked in the heat of the spaghetti.  It’s still my favourite pasta dish to this day.

This particular recipe is one I adapted from the River Cafe cook book and have been making for well over 10 years now.  I put the recipe up on my blog (here) but please do believe me when I tell you: do not spin out and put the pasta/sauce back on the hob, the heat from the pasta will  warm the egg through properly, it doesn’t seem like it will, but it will. If you try to fuck with the program it will turn into scrambled eggs and be rank.

Festive deathbed

Bed is definitely one of my favourite things, ever.  I’m not especially outdoorsy and I love to be cozy and comfortable, so if I’m not out or in the kitchen cooking, you’ll generally find me in my bed having some laptop time.  I saw this bed set on Instagram and took a detour via Asda on the way home to try and snap some up. I ended up having to get them online, where they were in the sale at the absolutely BARGAIN price of £7 for a kingzize bed set. I just had a look at their website and they’re still available– even if they’re not your cup of tea they might be a nice gift for a Christmas loving lady in your life?

Cuddling cats <3

I try to keep my ‘crazy cat lady’ stuff to a minimum on here, but seriously, these guys have barely left my side since I ‘took to my bed’ with the lurgy. They love sleeping as much as I do so we spent most of last week catching some serious zzzz’s under the festive bedsheets. It would’ve been perfect had it not have been for feeling like shit.

Even more comfort food!

Quick, easy and absolutely delicious, this one of my go-to week night suppers.  The cauli cheese was shop bought and I grated the bit of gruyere over the top to make it extra indulgent. The runner beans were ready prepped by M&S (£1 a bag I think) and I smeared the nose-tinglingly hot, English mustard all over the smoked gammon steak.

Facial mapping…

I know some people think this sort of thing is utter bollocks, but every time I have a breakout I keep it in mind, and in my opinion, it’s pretty accurate.  Since summer ended my skin’s decided to start being a little bitch again (waaaaah) so I’ve got a new prescription for antibiotics which I’m reluctantly considering starting again in the new year. I really don’t want to, but I also can’t bear the thought of it getting worse and taking over my whole face. For those of you reading this who also suffer skin problems, you are not alone and have my every sympathy. I wrote a whole post about it earlier this year too.

I wish I could stomach this advice for myself… 

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