Review: New winter menu at The New Club

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited to a menu tasting of The New Club’s winter 2015 menu. They’ve had a bit of a revamp in terms of the offering, especially starter-wise, and will be changing their menu every two months to give them more opportunities to tweak their concept and take advantage of seasonal produce as well.

*disclaimer* You will notice that there is a varying quality of my photos, that’s because, true to form, my phone (iPhone 6) kept dying so I borrowed my friend’s (iPhone 5), I couldn’t actually believe the difference! Plus the fact that the mood lighting in the restaurant wasn’t conducive to great photography. The last photo I took from their Facebook page.

The stickiest chicken wings w/black sesame £5 

Steamed pork bun w/punchy kimchi £6.50

Roasted mixed beets- smoked goats curd- gingerbread & fennel yoghurt – £4.50

Truffle duck egg- chestnut mushroom duxelle- truffle mayo £5

Sussex crab fritters w/saffron mayo £6.50

Organic half roast chicken w/liquor sauce £11.50

Hickory bourbon glazed pork ribs w/beetroot & pomegranate slaw £12

Caramelised sweet potato w/bell pepper salsa – chilli -crispy shallots- bacon £4.50

Roast pumpkin- squash puree- roasted gnocchi- mixed nuts- seeds £8

Confit spiced duck leg w/raw blend root veg salad £11

Dry rub grilled black bream w/pickled punchy salsa £11

Roasted and charred tenderstem w/peanuts & ranch £4

Lime cream cheese-Italian meringue- roasted pistachios- coconut citrus sorbet £4.50

Snickers mess 4.50


I don’t want it to seem like a cop out when I say that I enjoyed all of the starter and main courses, but I really did. The stand-out dishes for me were the ribs, the bream and unusually, the beetroot.  The flesh on the ribs fell away from the bone in a way that confirmed the time and care that’d been taken to crook them. The bream was cooked perfectly and the spicy/Asian influences sang out to you from the first mouthful and made you want to dive straight back in for more. Regular readers will know that I detest beetroot, but try it in as many guises as possible to try and overcome the hatred, unsuccessfully, until now. Coupled with the goat’s curd, smoked applewood and gingerbread, this is not only a dish I enjoyed, but would consider ordering again. Beetroot 1, Rosie 0.


The only miss as far as I’m concerned was the coconut dessert. It looked and sounded so promising. It smelt like my very favourite Hawaiian tropic moisturiser, but sadly, tasted like it too. I did feed this back (yes, using those words) and was assured that it was a work in progress and was probably down to the amount of coconut oil used. I hated it, but would love to try the tweaked version as its descriptor was so promising.  I also wasn’t over the moon at having to share a potted dessert (separate spoons) with four other people- but then I’m incredibly germ phobic so that may just be personal to me.

I think that the new menu offers something for all tastes and that the more varied and adventurous vegetarian dishes will be a huge hit with locals and visitors alike.  I was devastated to see the lack of my beloved fried chicken on the menu, but have been duly assured that it’ll be back soon. Hurrah! The prices, I think, offer great value for money and accessible to most budgets too. One thing I will say is, to me, that although the starter and main course menus, were full of things I would enjoy eating individually, they look as though they came from two different restaurants.

Have you been to The New Club? Which of the above do you like the look of? Please do comment below or tweet me x

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      I, and I'm sure The New Club, take that as a massive compliment 🙂 x

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