These are a few of my favourite things #55

This week has been a better week. I’ve slept better, I’ve eaten better, and fewer people have been unpleasant to me. As a result of this there’s been many more smiles on my face than scowls, which is nice. I also want to thank everyone who commented and tweeted me in the wake of my pity party for one of a favourite things post last week– you all made my day x

I’ve eaten out so much this week, including four places in one night- the conclusion of the pizza challenge me and my friend Fran have been carrying out since last summer. We’ve kissed a lot of frogs during our mission, and on Friday, we found the worst pizza, and the worst toilet in Brighton… look out for both of our posts on Tuesday, I can’t wait to share our findings with you all!

I did a blue job!

On Tuesday we had a bit of a DIY SOS, usually that’s my cue to have a meltdown and either ignore it or call a boy, but on this day I did none of the above. I calmly googled shower-heads, went to B&Q after work and calmly went home and mended it. This may sound like nothing, but for someone who doesn’t even know how to change a fuse or even open her car bonnet, this is a BIG deal.

M&S bargain

Another week another ode to M&S, it’s actually getting a bit embarrassing, but seriously, they can do no wrong in my eyes. For £6 you can get various meats or raw prawns, a bag of stir fry (there’s loads to choose from) fresh noodles or rice and your choice of sauce sachet- I think it’s an absolute bargain and would highly recommend. I didn’t LOVE the sauce but I still devoured the lot.The Plotting Parlour, Kemp Town

On Tuesday night, thanks to the lovely Antonia from Pigeon PR, I discovered a new drinking hole; The Plotting Parlour. Just around the corner from the old three and 10, which by the way, has been turned into some ghastly looking theatre themed bar, it’s pretty tucked away, so unless you know it’s there, you wouldn’t necessarily know  it was there, if that makes any sense at all. ‘One drink’ after work turned into three strong cocktails and wobbling home at 8:30pm via Pizzaface (full review to follow). The cocktails are fab, the atmosphere is very chilled and the lavatories were sparkling- I’d highly recommend paying it a visit. LOVE their choice of quote inside the drink menu too.

Super smooth moves from team MEATliquor <3

On Thursday night I used a promo code I’d been sent by to get MEATliquor delivered to my front door. I’m going to post a full review of the meal and the service from Dine in, but my very favourite thing about the delivery was the above. SUCH a lovely gesture, my flatmate said she’s never seen anyone so happy because of food, she may be right.

Random acts of kindness

Two very lovely things happened to me on Saturday, both of which went some way in restoring my seriously shaken (of late) faith in humanity, and being the kind of girl who likes to share her experiences; I tweeted about both. I cannot believe I got that £40 back, I got into a chat with a lady at the self service checkout next to me (about the football results of all things) and just walked away from both my receipt and the cash-back I’d got too. It wasn’t until I was in another shop (after the encounter with the chivalrous man) and they asked me if I wanted cash-back that I remembered. I got that rank sinking feeling you get when you oversleep, and immediately got on the phone to Morrisons whilst struggling home with my bags, wishing that I’d taken that nice young man up on his offer to carry them! The Customer services guy at Morrisons came back after a momentary wait, to tell me that someone had handed in my money, the first time he’d ever heard of it happening in fact.

It reminded me of a quote from an article I read the other day; ‘Sometimes it’s important to do something good without the promise of reward or thanks’… I’m not sure how much I believe in karma, but I do know that I would’ve 100% handed that money in if I’d found it and I hugely believe in the power of random acts of kindness too. Whatever it was, I’ll definitely give slagging off St James Street a rest for a while!

Girly night in with one of my favourites

On Saturday my gorgeous fried Fran came for a sleepover and we indulged in ALL the girly stereotypes; Disney films, chocolate, face masks and makeup & boy chat. We met a couple of years ago when we were both working down the corridor from one another and we bonded over eyelashes and our mutual hatred of our jobs. She’s the only one of my friends who matches and exceeds my love for all things beauty, she adores my cats and gives the best shoulder massages EVER- everyone needs a friend like her in their life. I made us a healthy(ish) dinner too and it’s going to feature in my Monday recipe post tomorrow so look out for that.

Food porn

As I was on a bit of a role cooking-wise I decided to make breakfast for Fran, and obviously plumped for the low fat option, umm…. The complete and utter filth you are witnessing above is in fact banana and blueberry, wrapped in white bread, dipped in egg, fried in butter and topped with fried blueberries, bacon and maple syrup, you can find the recipe here or an equally decadent doughnut French toast here. Not for the fainthearted but great for a treat.

Current mood…

What were your your favourite things from last week?  Did you eat anywhere nice that you’d like to see me review? Please do comment below or Tweet me x

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  1. February 11, 2015 / 9:42 pm

    that M&S meal looks incredible, I don't often get to treat myself to M&S stuff cos the nearest one to me is like 20 mins away so it's a bit far to just go to pick something up for tea. I loved Saving Mr Banks – i originally wasn't bothered about watching it but i'd say now it's probably one of my fave disney films

    Jade x

    Girl Up North | UK Lifestyle Blog

    • February 15, 2015 / 10:49 am

      It was SO good Jade. I tried their apricot and frangipani tart this week and it was insanely good too. Thankfully M&S are everywhere in Brighton, there's 4 within about 5 miles of my house, they even have them at petrol stations! As for Saving Mr Banks, I wholeheartedly agree, wasn't fussed at all, then watched it at the end of last year and have watched it 4 times since! x

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