These are a few of my favourite things #56

It’s been a good week. I’ve cooked a lot, seen lots of my favourite people, and I’ve actually been getting a reasonable amount of sleep too. All is present and correct in P&P world. *touches wood*

Amazingly I’m actually writing this on Friday* night, it’s usually more a Sunday thing, but I was in the mood so decided to go with it. I’m lying in bed, with some horrific programme about kid criminals on in the background while I type this. Definite nightmares on the cards for me tonight.

I’ve got a really busy week, work-wise and a weekend visit to my Mum’s in the country with Jenna coming up, I can’t believe we’re halfway through February already, it’s insane.

*Note how optimistically this started off, yet this is going up on Tuesday instead of Sunday…

Putting the pizza challenge to bed, for now…

Since I put up my best and worse pizza in Brighton (and Hove) post I haven’t felt like writing. I don’t want to be overly dramatic, but I was starting to lose the will to live by the end of writing it, and I don’t think I’ve ever felt like that with any other post before. I nearly had a full on tantrum at one point, then I ate a bagel and reminded myself that there’s people out there saving lives, got over myself and finished it off. SO many of you have taken the time to comment on my blog as well as via social media too, pizza is clearly a highly contentious issue, and as far as the challenge goes, it’s not over! We’re already drawing up the list for the next round, but we may still need a few weeks to get over the last four pizzerias in one night bonanza.

Tuesday is the new Friday

You’re probably going to get sick of me banging on about how wonderful my cleaner, or ‘Saint Sam’ as my flatmate and I call him is, but I really can’t help it! Tuesday is now my second favourite day of the week and it’s all because of him. He even leaves me little notes and sends me pics of the cats whilst he’s there, I cannot even…  I think he’s pretty busy but check out his Facebook page, if you need a cleaner in your life, then he is the one.

Crab bruschetta with mixed tomatoes and basil

Something completely random and unseasonal but delicious none the less. The only reason I even thought to make this at this time of year was because I had a sudden surge of traffic to my bruschetta with grey mullet recipe from last year, and as soon as I saw the pictures I knew it had to be mine. I didn’t want to swamp the delicate flavour of the crab with balsamic so just lightly dressed the tomatoes in rose petal vinegar that I got at West Dean Chilli fiesta last summer. Delicious.

ALL the food

My friend/former flatmate/blogger Jenna came over for a night of Pussy Palace hospitality. When I whatsapped her the menu, she replied rejecting all forms of carbs… It went something like, her: ‘I won’t eat the gnocchi, or the tart babe’ me: you WILL eat the gnocchi, I’ll let you off the tart’… both got absolutely mullered, by both of us.

Photo credit to @sussexsimon for this one (Twitter)The starlings 

One of my very favourite things about living in Brighton. The starlings fly over the pier in a ‘murmuration’ every early evening from October to February. I’ve tried to put it into words but I can’t. I’m not especially outdoorsy, and I’m definitely not a massive bird fan it’s just the most amazing thing to watch and makes me feel emotional every single time I see it.

Other loves of my life

I posted this photo on Instagram and it got a lot of love, turns out there’s more stationery fiends out there than I thought.  I bought these as well as one of those glue dispensers that look like a tippex mouse, to encourage myself to actually get of my arse and start my Project life scrap book, as per my New Year’s resolution. I know why I’m not, I’m the same with new notebooks and diary, I get scared that it won’t be perfect so I put it off. It’s undoubtedly some sort of weird extension of my commitment-phobia, but I need to get a grip and get on with it. Hopefully these pretty pens will be the start of something beautiful that I won’t be able to help but keep adding to.

And the eyeliner, well ladies, this is the best I’ve found, and I have kissed a lot of frogs in my quest for the best. The Stila counter in Brighton Boots is perpetually badly stocked, but when I was in there last week, they had them on display for the first time in months. For some infuriating reason known only to them, my eyes, unannounced, will start streaming in a way that destroys eyeliner within minutes. Not the one. This eyeliner is the only one that stands up to the tsunamis of eye juice, really does live up to it’s ‘stay all day claims’ and is the deepest, inkiest black I’ve found. It’s £13, buy it.

Busby & Wilds

On Sunday I wanted a roast, needed a roast. I toyed with the idea of going somewhere new for the sake of my ongoing ‘best roast in brighton’ challenge, but given the recent disappointments I just wanted to go somewhere I knew I could rely on and I knew that my wonderful neighbourhood restaurant wouldn’t fail me. I’m going to post a full review in the next few weeks, but my empty plate says it all really. Follow them on Twitter for delicious updates and definitely call in advance of visiting, this place gets busy, and deservedly so.

What were your your favourite things from last week?  Did you eat anywhere nice that you’d like to see me review? Please do comment below or Tweet me x

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