These are a few of my favourite things #57

I’m strongly trying to resist the urge to do the classic blogger thing of apologising for my absence this week… I’ve got three half-drafted posts sitting waiting to be finished, so the thought was there, I just haven’t got my arse into gear this week. ‘I’ve been busy’ is a lame excuse, but sometimes juggling everything can be a real challenge.

This weekend’s been great, so much food, cooking, napping and preening- all my favourite stuff basically! This week’s looking like a goodun too with dinner out on Wednesday, a restaurant re-launch on Thursday, a night in the country with Jenna and then a supper club next weekend, so lots to look forward to.  I’m going to spend the rest of tonight catching up and scheduling like mad, to make way for an influx of new reviews and recipes that will be coming your way soon.

Flowers make me happy

I absolutely LOVE having fresh flowers in my room, from January onwards you’ll find my bedroom full of vases of daffodils (cheap and cheerful) and tulips (one of my absolute favourites). The beautiful specimen above were £4 from Asda and that was taken on day 10 of their life with me.

Few things makes me happier than bleeding meat (soz to my vege readers)

I’ve done lots of cooking this week and it’s made me feel really happy. The above was just a large bag of spinach which I steamed, and topped with the steak, a fried Burford Brown egg and some hot sauce. Filling, incredibly simple and made and inhaled this within 20 minutes. Recommended.

Pancake Day 2015

I bloody love pancake day. I know the above makes it look like I’m all fancy pants, but the cannelloni is an old favourite and super easy to make, and the crab/mascarpone/sriracha one is just because I was too lazy to make the crab and chilli linguine I’d been planning.

This was my one of the only pancake days that I haven’t spent with my Mum, I shan’t harp on about it as I’m fully aware that some people don’t have a Mum at all and I should be very grateful, but I’m missing her like mad.

Chicken thighs Normande- by Claire/Mary Berry

Last week I went for dinner with one of my favourite couples, my friends Claire and Ray. Not only did Claire make me the most gorgeous chicken dish from a recipe book I gave her as a gift, they also let me watch the one hour special of Eastenders. This was despite the fact neither of them watch, they really are the perfect hosts. And can I just say, OMG how gripping was Eastenders?!

Sugardough love

So I ate all the pies, more specifically, all the Sugardough pies, AGAIN. They really can do no wrong in my eyes and I demolished these over the course of an hour. Clockwise from the top left: a pie filled with slow cooked pork belly with white beans and herb crust, a sugared fruit bun, my all-time favourite the breakfast pasty and some custard tarts. They were all absolutely uh-mazing, and came in at just under £8. There was a queue when I went in, which makes me happy, and also worry that there goods won’t be in such ready supply for me to get my mitts on! I honestly can’t recommend paying them a visit enough, it’ll be a treat for each and every one of your senses. I wrote a full review too.

Pecan crusted chicken with spiced maple and a waffle

Another weekend and another low fat cooking experiment… gone rogue. Believe it or not that chicken, although it looks deliciously deep fried, is in fact baked. That’s where the health ends I’m afraid. Possibly the best thing I’ve cooked all year to date and will be coming to you in a recipe post soon.  Big props to Sally for the chicken inspiration, her blog rocks.

Winged eyeliner mini tutorial

 After being grounded for three months when I was 13 (don’t ask) with nothing but a well-stocked makeup bag for company, I became a bit of a dab-hand with liquid eyeliner, but I know a lot of people struggle. I saw Sarah from ‘I heart cosmetics’ blog post this tutorial she’d found, on her instagram, so I thought I’d share with all you liner-loving ladies.

We have a winner…

Today I crossed the bicycle filled gridlock that was Brighton to visit The Jolly Poacher for a Sunday roast.  As ever, I shan’t say too much and give you the full review in my next roast post (coming soon). But what I will say is, I’ve tried over 50 Brighton and Hove roasts now and these are the best roast potatoes I’ve ever eaten in a pub and restaurant.  The starter was also pretty outstanding so maybe I’ll pop a full review up too. I wish I’d had pudding now…

Just because they’ll be gone for another year soon <3

What were your your favourite things from last week?  Did you eat anywhere nice that you’d like to see me review? Please do comment below or Tweet me x

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    Thanks for the link chick x This post has made very very hungry!!! xx

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