These are a few of my favourite things #66

 It felt weird not doing one of these posts last week, like I was cheating, but there really wasn’t anything to say other than what I said in my juicytox juice cleanse post/diary. Thanks so much for all of your comments and tweets, I still cannot believe I did 4 days without food. I’ve put all the weight back on, but I have been less hungry, and I haven’t touched Coca Cola since.. we’ll see how long I can keep that up.

It’s the evening of Bank Holiday Monday and although I’ve been bed bound for a day and a half of itwith tooth/headache, the rest I’ve enjoyed a lot. So much to catch up on now though. I spent a couple of hours this evening giving my room a good clean and sort out, I always forget how much more motivated it makes me feel.

Update it is now Thurs: Toothache turned out to be an abscess in my jaw so have been either laid up, out of it on codeine or trying to catch up on work. After having an hour’s treatment yesterday for something else my face in general is not happy. Antibiotics and lots of complaining on Twitter incoming, do doubt, sorry about that. Please don’t leave me…

Monkfish, chips & a mushy pea fritter

I’ve not made any secret of my deep love for Wolfies fish & chip shop in Hove, I shan’t do a full review as I posted one in January, but my recent outing to Brighton’s newest chippy as well as a second fabulous meal at Wolfie’s last week, has made up my mind that it really is the best in the city. Admittedly it isn’t exactly beating off the competition, but I love it. Check out their slick new website designed and built by the brilliant ream at Skoff.

The above is Monkfish, the one with darker batter is curried, the chips I intimated were slightly underdone last time, were much crispier this time and the mushy pea fritter of goodness was an absolute beauty and got a lot of attention on my Instagram and Facebook when I posted this pic.

My irrepressible sweet tooth

It’s pretty safe to say that I haven’t exactly sworn off sugar since finishing my juice cleanse.. M&S are absolutely killing it (as per) with their new summer range of desserts. Those tarts up the top were courtesy of Waitrose and were totally sublime. The pastry was buttery and crisp with layers of chocolate and hazelnut ganache both given equal billing. I want to recreate them, and eat them, all.

Back in the cooking game

Yet again this post is turning into an embarrassing endorsement of all things M&S, but they are just.too.good. You don’t even have to be made of money to shop there anymore, their 3 deli items for £6 are great value and easily cover me for lunchtimes for the week and their 3 for £10 on meat and fish are fab too.

The top image is a butterflied sea bass with spiralised courgettes and crispy shallots and sriracha chilli sauce and the bottom is ham hock with broad beans, (British, frozen, £1 per bag) sautéed Jersey Royals and homemade lemon and dijon dressing. Neither were massively groundbreaking but both delicious and beautifully colourful.

Took my old dear to The Chimney House for supper

I’d already been to The Chimney House for a roast during the last part of my roast challenge, and gave this seven dials based gastro pun a solid 8/0 rating. I was actually invited back to review their full menu months ago, but what with one thing or another just didn’t make it, until last Thursday. I went with my Mum and had a such a lovely evening trying out a good chunk of the menu between us. I’ll be doing a full review ASAP but special shout out must go to Georgia our waitress, she was a diamond. Thanks to the Chimney House for having us!

Brighton Foodies Festival 2015

I absolutely love the Foodies Festival. I’ve been every year for the last 5 (maybe 6) but this is the first where it wasn’t blazing hot sunshine, and it was a real pity. I still made the absolute most of it, visiting on two days and trying out numerous stalls and food vendors. My full review of the event will be up in the next few weeks but check out my post on last year’s event and also their website to find out about more upcoming festivals throughout the summer.

Twiglets, anyone?

What were your Favourite things last week? Are there any restaurants or pubs you’d like to see me review? Please do comment below or hit me up through all manner of social networks x

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