These are a few of my favourite things #67

I don’t mean to alarm anyone, but I’m writing my Favourite things post on a Sunday night. It’s been a while since I was on schedule for it, and it feels gooooood to be back. I talked a bit about my recent silence here, but rest assured, it’s only temporary.

I’ve had a such a nice few days, the weekend has flown by, but I managed to pack a lot in, and will be going into quite a heavy week, with a smile on my face. Roll on Saturday when I can actually chill out again, hopefully.

There’s lots of restaurant openings happening in Brighton at the moment and I am absolutely chomping at the bit to try them as soon as they open their doors. There’s some really exciting launches and events coming up and they’re only going to mean good things for the Brighton food scene. I cannot wait.

Got my teeth did

For my entire life I’ve had two discoloured front teeth, and hated them. They were stained as a result of antibiotics when my Mum was pregnant, and no amount of bleach would sort them out. I tried, believe me. I haven’t written about this to be all ‘look at me’ I’ve done it because I haaaated them before, and I wish to god I had known about this alternative to veneers. Knowledge is power.

A few weeks ago I bit into a fork and a piece of the front pinged off (sorry). I obviously had a complete meltdown, spent hours on Google researching my options and headed to my (fit) dentist and begged him to ‘bond’ my two front teeth, and he agreed. I’ve been asking him for years to do something about them, to no avail, but his surgery now offers private treatments too, so all of a sudden I was ‘the perfect candidate’ for composite overlays… funny that.

Either way, I am super happy with the results and would highly recommend to anyone who has badly chipped or discoloured teeth. What I wouldn’t recommend is having it done when you are in shitloads of pain from a tooth abscess. They anaesthetised me, but it really did hurt afterwards. I’ve linked information about the procedure, above.

Election fever

I for one really enjoyed the time around the election. I took a reasonable amount of interest, watching all the debates, reading all the manifestos and getting involved in office rows about it all. I’m not sure if it’s my age, or if people are just more vocal about it this time around, either way, it’s been fascinating to watch all manner of people reveal themselves to have extremely strong opinions about politics.

Facebook and Twitter have become political hotbeds and there was a lot of extremely upset people on social media last Friday. They were pretty much the same crew who were telling everyone who they should and shouldn’t vote for, the previous day.

I voted, and other than clicking on that thing on Facebook to say I’d done so, I didn’t feel the need to make a song and dance about it- it wouldn’t have changed the outcome and it would have made me sound as insufferable as many other people. Use your vote how you want to, it is your right and is none of anyone else’s business. So there.

Brunch with Mama P&P

On Friday I stopped in to see my old dear for a feeding and a catch up. This inevitably descended into a lesson in phones and Facebook pages after we’d finished the amazing brunch that she’d made me. Those eggs came from a farm a couple of doors along and my Mum said they ‘were still warm’ when she picked them up. She has got mad egg poaching skills from the hundreds of breakfasts she makes for her guests, and soon the berries that she’ll be serving will be from her garden. She loves it.

If you’re ever in the West-Sussex area and in need of somewhere to stay you should definitely check out Nurse’s Cottage B&B. If you think my standards are high when it comes to breakfast, then you haven’t seen anything!

Kooks Restaurant

Kooks is the newest restaurant to come to the North Laine. Serving up modern English food in a stylish environment. they’ll be open from 10-10 every day (11 Fri & Sat) for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Opposite Gelato Gusto on the corner of Gardner Street, this place is going to get a lot of footfall, so hopefully won’t struggle for customers during the opening weeks. I’m looking forward to going back for a full meal once they’re all settled in. I went to the launch party last Thursday and most of the food seemed to bypass me, but then i was very busy talking. But what I did try was fab, I’m looking forward to seeing the full menu. It’s definitely on my list.

Time with my favourite humans

After the lunch at my Mum’s I headed to see my best friends and god children for an afternoon of hide & seek, finding Nemo and endless bedtime stories. I love them both so much, they’re the most incredible children. With them is very definitely one of my happy places.

To be cooked for twice in one day is something that very rarely happens and supper was amazing, Jerk chicken, cous cous and a lush salad made from green and broad beans with asparagus and feta. I am loving asparagus season, and it infuriates me when I see stuff from Peru still on sale in the supermarkets when it is prime time for British asparagus.

Gutted, Ronald.

What were your Favourite things last week? Are there any restaurants or pubs you’d like to see me review? Please do comment below or hit me up through all manner of social networks x

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