Product review: The Collective Dairy live gourmet yoghurt

Hailing from New Zealand, The Collective became the country’s best-selling yoghurt within 10 months of launching and decided that they should share the love with the UK too. And thank god they did.

When they contacted me asking if I wanted to try out some of their range it was a complete and utter no-brainer. Their branding and their products are fun, inventive and I was already a big fan of the flavours I’d already tried.

Add to this that all their products are vege and GF friendly, contain ‘no nasties’ and the milk for the 5% fat yoghurt comes from strictly British cows- they are brand who are going down an absolute storm in my home town, unsurprisingly.

Hand delivered to my door, this is definitely the best PR package I’ve ever received. Not only was there nearly every flavour from the range, the handwritten note, personalised tub and gorgeous (and very much needed) branded apron definitely made me emit a large squeal of joy. Not to mention the cool bag it all came in, which has had a few trips down to the beach already.

The tart yoghurt was rippled through with a sweet fudge that put me in mind of the toffee you get in banoffee pie, and also, the ‘banoffi’ yoghurt included in my package.   I may or may not have ‘jazzed it up’ (god, am turning into my Mum) with some minstrels too….

How could this one not get a mention? Probably not one for those who aren’t a fan of seeds but I personally loved the crunch that they added to the passion fruit and yoghurt combo. The personalisation was such a FAB touch, and as I said on Twitter at the time- SO much better than a ten a penny jar of Nutella with my name on. Very cool.

The raspberry and amaretto flavour yoghurt was the first of  The Collective’s products I tried, and loved. There was a small pot of this which was the first that I devoured, but when I saw that the large pot was minus the amaretto I was worried it might’ve lost some of its previous charm. I needn’t have worried. The dreamy yoghurt has a generous swirl of sweet pureed raspberries throughout and was lovely topped with sliced nectarine and hazelnuts, but just as good straight from the tub too! I definitely didn’t eat the whole tub in one sitting either…..

My favourite of the bunch and the one I have already repurchased. The amaretto version is limited edition, so if you see it about then definitely snap one up. The last place I saw it was in Waitrose.


This seasonal, limited edition flavour from Chef Anna Hansen also deserves a big up too. Anything with rhubarb in is always going to go down well with me, and  the tang of it coupled with the yoghurt was balanced somewhat by the flecks of sweet vanilla throughout. The ‘hint’ of lemongrass was very much that, if I’m honest I wouldn’t have known it was there if I hadn’t been told, but still really enjoyable.

Given that there was a lot of yoghurt and only one of me, this was shared with my flatmate and friends, all of whom loved the range too, their favourites being the coconut & lime, and luscious lemon flavours.

If you’re looking for a (vaguely) guilt-free but totally gorgeous dessert, breakfast, or snack; then look no further as there’s something for everyone (perhaps not lactose intolerants) in the extensive range. It’s widely available in Brighton and Nation-wide, but check out the ‘findin’ our goods’ postcode checker on the homepage of their website.

Have you tried any of The Collective products? Which is your favourite? Please do comment below or tweet me x


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  1. Bob Bones
    May 15, 2019 / 9:17 pm

    I am a fan.. we have tried a few and they are tasty.. But! I think you should check the sugar content, as a diabetic I can only eat a small amount and they are very moreish!

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