These are a few of my favourite things #70

Another two weeks has flown by since my last favourite things post, so here’s a double helping of everything that’s been pleasing me and making me smile over the last fortnight.

The best week off ever <3

Last week, the planets aligned and gave me a killer combo of mega heatwave and five days off work. I used my time wisely and spent it with lovely people doing lovely things and eating heaps of fabulous food. I’m saving up all the places I’ve eaten out at for my July Best of Brighton food post, but as ever props must go to the babes at Street Diner and the Hearth Pizzeria in Lewes too- consistently outstanding and always a pleasure to visit.

Yolk porn

I know I go on about the M&S 3 for £10 deal alllll the friggin’ time, but it’s just. so. good. What you can see above is one of their melting middle fishcakes (also in the deal) with matching-middled poached egg. Cheap, tasty and a lot more ‘fishy’ than many other shop bought fishcakes I’ve tried too. I wish I could say that I’d skilfully poached that egg, but in reality I have one of those silicone egg poachers that do them perfectly each time… don’t judge me.

Bison Beer and 64 Degrees

I was lucky enough to be invited to an evening with 64 Degrees and Bison Beer where there was booze that’d been brewed on the premises, galore, as well as delicious canapés by the genius 64 team. My favourite of the three different beers I tried was definitely ‘Stairs Dancer’- I’m not even going to try and describe it, it was just my favourite taste-wise, but they were all good. The shop is on East Street and has all the craft beer, obviously. Check them out, they’re on Twitter too. And 64 Degrees? Lovely staff, great food, if you haven’t eaten there already then you definitely should. Check out my review of the three incredible meals I’ve had there since it opened in late 2013.

Manuka Doctor goodies

Last month Manuka Doctor were kind enough to send me some of their skincare products to trial, as well as a jar of their New Zealand honey to use in a recipe. I think I’m going to make a honey custard tart with brûlée topping to serve with berries and cream, it’s just been too hot to bake the last few weekends, but I’m going to get on the case soon.

I had to stay away from the beauty products after having a flare up of bad skin, but now it’s calmed down a bit (touch wood) I’ve been enjoying using the Radiance Serum, It’s got a sheen to it that works well against tanned skin and makes you look glowy not glittery, a bugbear I often had with this kind of product. I’ve not used the lip enhancer from the same range yet, but will report back on it.

Roundstone PYO fruit & veg farm

Last weekend I paid a visit to Roundstone ‘pick your own’ farm, in Rustington. If I get the chance soon I’ll put up a post about it, as it’s a fab day out for anyone, especially when the weather’s roasting hot. Entry is free and £24 got us a large haul of fruit and veg, most of which was used up in weeknight meals and salads for lunch. Not going all Brighton and yoghurt-weaverish on you, but I swear that kind of stuff is good for the soul, it made me feel really wholesome.

Papa Pitta smashes it on their farewell weekend- SAD FACE

A sad, sad thing happened today. Papa Pitta closed the doors of its very first venue at Diplock Yard on North Road. The fun police next door on either side called the council, who brought forward the date of their closure (meant to be end of August) to the end of this week- absolutely gutting.

Rather than go on about the negative all I’m going to say is, The wonderful owner, Yoddi, has assured Papa Pitta’s considerable fan base that they’ll be back as soon as they can, perhaps in the form of pop ups whilst they hunt for the perfect forever home, for their little slice of Cyprus.

I couldn’t resist going back for a farewell feed up, and it was just as good as my last visit. Dish after dish of food came out and we ate it all and it totally defeated us, meaning that, we took our souvlaki home with us, and I’m happy too report that they are just as delicious cold as they are hot. I’ll let you know as soon as I hear of anything about where and when they’ll be popping up again, for now, here’s my full review of pretty much everything on Papa Pitta’s small but fully comprehensive menu.

My jeans feel tight…

There’s no dressing it up, a lot of eating has gone down this weekend. From Wednesday evening onwards, I’ve been chowing down on all sorts and am now rounding a gluttonous weekend off with lots of cheese and other treats washed down with multiple cups of tea, whilst watching The Green Mile. Totally ideal Sunday evening, in fact, the entire weekend has been pretty damn great. I was even happy to see the rain today after three days b2b on the beach, as it gave me the chance to have some laptop time in bed as well as eat an obscene amount of food, I might explode.. if I do, just know I died very, very happy.

Tempest Inn

If you follow me on Twitter then you’ll probably have noticed me showering love onto The Tempest Inn. I speak from experience too,  after spending most of Thursday, Friday and Saturday sitting in the sun in the outside area, hooked up to their great wifi connection whilst their lovely staff made me drinks and charged my various Apple devices every time I asked too. The inside is cool too, reminds me of that ride at Disney World, Thunder Mountain, with fibreglass caves fashioned into booths that would hold 4-6 people comfortably. Perfect place to get pissed and lounge about in the sunshine, I’m sure I’ll go back at night too.

I’ve always said that the nicest Brighton bar staff are at The Sidewinder, but I think the Tempest may have just outdone them y’know. Absolutely love it and envisage a lot more time spent down there, I almost don’t want to try the food in case it makes its halo slip for me!

Morrisons WINNING at summer displays

Just when you think St James street can’t get any more peculiar, this happens. If you’re in the Kemp Town area and in need of some LOLs, may I suggest you visit Morrisons to take in their… exceptional.. attempt at summer-themed visual merchandising. It’s almost like some people who’d been visiting for the day decided to abandon all their shit, along with the cardboard cutout they nicked from the pier, before heading back to whichever inland city they came from. I’ve tweeted this picture to Morrisons, but so far, they’ve chosen not to comment, spoilsports!

30 mins mental behaviour, then a 4 hour sleep…

What were your Favourite things last week? Are there any restaurants or pubs you’d like to see me review? Please do comment below or hit me up through all manner of social networks x

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