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Brighton pizza testing has become a rather lovely (in some cases) hobby of mine and my friend Fran’s over the last 12 months or so (check out our journey here and here), and with more and more choice appearing, it was only a matter of time before we hit the jackpot with somewhere… Enter NuPosto.

It opened in the rather insalubrious location of West Street, but don’t hold that against it, please.

There’s no messing about with this menu and the singular side of A4 paper it’s printed on, reads like a pizza lover’s wet dream. No frills or fancies, just straight up pizza, salads and a few antipasti dishes to start. It’s simple and extremely effective. They are doing serious things with lovely ingredients, and dough that’s made to an authentic recipe, on the premises, not flown in from Italy like another place in Brighton boasts… imagine the carbon footprint, horrifying, and totally unnecessary.

What NuPosto say about their pizzas…

The surroundings are modern, cheerful and somewhere you can relax and is very definitely family friendly. At the back are two pizza ovens which are fired by gas, not wood, that the experienced pizzaiolas work expertly and at an impressive speed, churning out pizza quicker than you could microwave some crappy ready meal.

Tagliere Di Antipasti – £8

Vesuvio- £7.50

Ravello- £8.50

Just look at that leoparding!

Napoli- £7.50

More leoparding

Every pizza I’ve eaten from NuPosto ticks all the criteria laid out at the beginning of our Brighton pizza challenge – puffy, chewy and perfectly formed cornicione,  leoparding beyond our wildest dreams, lovely quality mozzarella and a richly flavoured authentic tomato sauce. As stated above, some people may feel that this pizza is a bit soggy in the middle, I love it though.

My favourite was the napoli on my second visit, nice quality olives, just the right amount of salty anchovy fillets, and garnished with a few basil leaves (as are all of the pizzas), the flavour from which packs a surprising punch. If anchovies aren’t your thing then go for the Vesuvio, the spicy salame and chilli are a winning combo.

For GF people they have just the base for you. And to be fair, the picture on the website is one of the best looking GF pizzas I’ve seen so worth taking note if you are that way inclined.

#toiletcam all present and correct

NuPosto delivery through Dinner2Go

I know I should know better than getting a pizza delivered, they drop to at least 40% in quality terms from the second the box is shut and that only keeps reducing the longer it’s in transit. Not ideal, but sometimes you just need pizza and to not leave your house, y’know? Anyway, despite its tepid temperature it tasted utterly delicious, but next time I will be eating in so I can enjoy it in all its glory.



So in summary: We kissed a lot of frogs, but in the end, we found our prince. Of the 15 places we tried, Nuposto romped its way to the top of the list, effortlessly and I’ll be updating my Pizza Challenge post accordingly. The service is lovely, as are the surroundings, and the pizza is, the very best in Brighton, the Positano (spicy sausage) is next on my to-try list. Eat in though, don’t get a takeaway, I beseech you, it will not be the same as fresh from the oven.

Have you been to Nuposto? Where’s your favourite place to eat pizza in Brighton, am I missing a trick? Comment below or hit me up on all manner of social channels (links below) x

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  1. September 15, 2015 / 10:35 pm

    ooo good to hear it's a goodun! I must try persuade work to go here for our team lunch. Someone picked Pinocchio's instead… I fancy something new!

    • September 17, 2015 / 8:59 am

      Oh no, you should have voted against them!! It was the 15th place Fran and I tried and definitely the winner, let me know what you think x

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