I was going to do my first favourite things of 2016 today, but I couldn’t really leave last year behind without some sort of a round-up. I was just reading last year’s post and I’d actually written about the New Year’s resolutions I’d made… let’s just say they didn’t go to plan.

Thanks SO much for all of the love that you showed my best food of 2015 post, after a bit of a hiatus with my blog it’s felt so good to be back and to get such an overwhelming response too. If you missed it then you can read it here.

I know I’m a bit late to the party with this post but hey, better late than never…

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If you follow me on any of my social networks you’ll know that any sort of abstinence just ‘ain’t no thang’ round here, thank fuck. January is miserable enough without denying myself anything at all, so you’ll be hearing no proclamations of ‘new year new me’ either.

All jokes re yoga aside though, my Mum gave me a right lecture about my sedentary lifestyle recently, in fact, it’s been kind of ongoing since my teens (basically when I realised that I do not like exercising) and much as I hate to admit it, the old dear has a point.

Sadly my body didn’t seem to get the memo re releasing endorphins when I physically exert myself, in fact it seems to do the opposite. I’ve hated it ever since primary school, I can’t ride a bike properly and I could probably devote a whole blog post to my phobia of swimming pools (don’t worry, I won’t)…

All that said, I am old enough to realise that whilst it doesn’t make me feel good, it actually is good for me, and being good to myself is important, so… I’ll give it some thought. Don’t expect to see me doing some sort of boot camp on Hove lawns at 6am any time soon though – ha ha ha, IMAGINE.

About 3 days left to start and finish this, before I fail at all of my 2015 resolutions 😬 #projectlife #haventevenstarted

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Well this is awkward.

Ok well I still haven’t quite got around to putting my 2015 scrapbook together, but I will, I really really will. I’ve printed out about 300 photos and have been hoarding ticket stubs/menus/cards etc all year, and after having an online diary (of sorts) for the past few years, it’ll be nice to have an actual physical reminder of the things that have gone on behind the scenes. Plus the fact it’ll be fascinating to look back at when I’m old and grey!

Things that stood out to me in 2015

I just read my list from last year so in an effort not to repeat myself, and in no particular order:

  • #piggate is one of the funniest things to ever happen on social media
  • I do not have the right temperament for commuting.
  • Don’t ever be afraid to unapologetically ask for what you need.
  • I now see why people are so heavily dependent on coffee, and I’m now one of them, whoops.
  • That week when it was 30 degrees and I was off work was the best week.
  • My happiest days in 2015 were spent on Brighton beach.
  • 64 Degrees is the best restaurant in Brighton.
  • People may not always tell you how they feel about you, but they will always show you.
  • Watching someone close to me pass their GCSEs and get in to college was one of my proudest moments of the year.
  • If I hear that Adele song on the radio one.more.time. …….
  • I am not good at masking my emotions/disgust and desperately need to source some poker face training from somewhere. Anyone? Help?
  • Consistency is vital to success in anything, longterm.
  • I bloody love eating and am blessed to live somewhere so culinarily forward thinking.
  • Other than the food (obvs) my favourite thing about my blog this year is the people I’ve met through it, both on and offline.
  • My friends are amazing and very precious to me.
  • I am a total and utter social media fanatic.
  • You get what you settle for.


Things I’m looking forward to in 2016

Not resolutions as such, just things I want to do more of this year:

  • Reading more books and having less unproductive screen time
  • Getting back into writing my blog again regularly and all of the lovely things it brings with it
  • Eating loads more food
  • Cooking more
  • Working in a job that I love, with likeminded people.
  • Having at least one holiday this year, this summer was great, but I really noticed not going abroad and there’s still so many places I want to see!

My 2015 ‘best bits’ according to Instagram

And to be fair to my second favourite social network, that’s a pretty accurate selection.

1) The most incredible sunset of 2015.
2) Amen.
3) The day that America legalised gay marriage
4) A mars bar and marshmallow brownie with jam donut ice-cream. Nuff said.
5) Breakfast that was bigged up on instagram by The Fry up police themselves (not cooked by me).
6) Rocco being an absolute model.
7) Just being a sunset nause again
8) An icecream cake from Boho gelato with pistachio, battenburg and chocolate flavour gelato.
9) McMuffins Rosie Posie stylee – I don’t care what anyone says, sometimes only a slice of plastic cheese will do.

I said thank you to you all in my blog’s 4th Birthday post, but thank you again for sticking with me, for sharing my posts, recommending restaurants, following me on social media and just generally being a fab community of food obsessed folk – you da best – have an amazing 2016 x

Let me know in the comments below what you’d like to see more/less of on here in 2016. More reviews? Would you like to see a return of my weekly favourite things posts? Talk to me!

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