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I had the very best intentions about getting this up on Sunday afternoon, but as usual life took over, I was needed elsewhere and here we are on Wednesday – sorry about that.

Yesterday was International Women’s day (more on that below) and the celebration it got on social media was a very special thing to see, I loved it. However, what I didn’t enjoy was how many people used it as an opportunity to shame women who don’t class themselves as ‘feminists’ (a title I know a lot of people struggle with) and put bluntly, to give men a good old bashing, too. I’m sure all of them had a valid point somewhere in the ranting, but it marred something very positive with negativity and confrontation, and I thought it was a pity.

Unusually I haven’t eaten out at all in the last week or so but that’s all set to change this month and I am super excited about the visible progress of the latest two London imports to The Lanes, Wahaca (Mexican) and Franco Manca (Pizza), so expect to see reviews of those ASAP as well The Latino America Grill, The Breakfast Club and Egg & Spoon (plus lots more) coming soon as well.

Happy Mother’s day to all the Mum’s, but especially mine x

I talk about my Mum on here and my social media a lot, and that’s because I am so enormously proud of her. She’s been both Mother and Father to me for most of my life, and her support has been unwavering despite the shit, life (and teenage me) threw at her, and for that I will never be able to thank her enough. She’s caring, generous and truly the kindest person I’ve ever met, I don’t think anyone who has met her would disagree with that.

I only hope that if I ever have a child that they love me as much as I love her, and that I’m able to put them above my own wants and needs in the way she always has done. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I’m a better person for having had her as my role model – my admiration for her is endless, and so is my love. Thank you Mum, you’re the best xxxxx

Picture credit to Christian Doyle – you should deffo use her for all of your photography needs – check out here website here.

The other amazing women in my life

Mother’s Day was followed by International Women’s day, and whilst making the above collage to splash proudly across my own social networks, I felt overcome (yes, I had a little weep to myself) with gratitude to be surrounded with so many talented, beautiful and inspiring women, who I am lucky enough to call my friends.

It’s not been the easiest 6 months for me and all of the ladies pictured above (and some who aren’t), in one way or another have lifted me up, made me smile on days where anything other than crying felt inconceivable and been an absolute tower of strength. I truly adore them all and would be lost without them – blessed is an understatement and I hope they all know that I would be there for them in a heartbeat, I think they do.

The best awards, for the best restaurants

A couple of Mondays ago ‘The great and the good’ of the Brighton food world, got together at Brewdog to celebrate the city’s top 20 restaurants. These were voted for by an entirely independent judging panel (myself included) and the evening was everything that the invitation above promised.

What made me so delighted to be involved was that the other judges had no vested interest (they were unable to vote for businesses they were affiliated with) and almost all of them are people whose opinion on food I respect, who serve food I love to eat and/or are more often than not my go-to when looking for recommendations. I’m also chuffed to bits that so many of my picks made the top 10, if not the top 20. Check out the full list over on their site and then head back over here to read reviews of most of them.

I’m not a fan of many of other awards of this nature, as rather like the numerous ‘blogging awards’ they seem to be a sponsored circle jerk, designed to reward the people who advertise with/support the organisers in various capacities. So for me, despite only being in their first year, these are the most authentic food awards to be found in Sussex, and I’m already looking forward to next year’s!

My kitchen has been seeing some serious action

Look who’s been keeping to her non new year’s resolution about getting back in to cooking *smug face*.  In the last couple of weeks I’ve been really enjoying turning to other blogs for recipe inspiration and a couple of new discoveries have been Drizzle and Drip (broccoli pilaf recipe-middle right) and Pinch of Yum (garlic basil chicken with butter tomato sauce-bottom left) I’d definitely recommend checking them out.

It’s not pictured but I feel I must give a shout-out to the whole octopus I dismembered (soz to my vege/vegan readers), slow roasted and then grilled – it was pretty special, and something I will definitely be doing again. Super cheap too.

I stopped doing recipe posts on here because, in all honesty, in terms of how many people read them… no one gave a shit in comparison to my reviews. However, I post daily on my social media with pictures of what I’m cooking, so do hit me up on there and I will be happy to send you links or instructions.

This makes me SO happy!

The most glorious and hotly anticipated piece of news was announced last week on social media… my beloved Papa Pitta is going to be popping up at Brighton’s very own Spiegl Tent for the entire month of May, so if anyone needs me you can find me in The Steine consuming ALL of the souvlaki.

Check out my full review of the short but sweet time Papa Pitta spent at Diplock’s Yard last year.

My first burger of 2016

I don’t know how I managed to get to the end of February without having eaten a burger, but I had, and where better to break my unintentional burger fast than one of my very favourite places*, MEATliquor, and I’ve gotta tell ya, it set the bar pretty high for all other burgers I consume this year.

I reviewed their first London branch waaaay back in 2012 and it was there that I first met, and fell in love with one of their signature burgers- the Dead Hippy. Since then I must have eaten at least a dozen, and I’ve never met one I didn’t like. The sauce is what sets them apart from almost any other burger I’ve eaten, and I’d love to tell you what’s in it that makes it so great – but it’s a fiercely guarded secret (that I don’t know) so just take my word for it when I say – it is incredible. Sadly on this visit I didn’t have time for a slice of their dessert special; ‘Filth pie’ but I’m hoping it’ll still be around during my next visit, because warm Oreo, marshmallow and chocolate pie is definitely something I want in and around my mouth.

*Yes I know the owners and the management, yes a lot of the time I get food and drink for free there, and no, I wouldn’t put it in my favourite things post if I didn’t love it, simple as that.

What I’ve been watching/reading this week

I’m not even sure how I got into this series, but I consumed it in 3 days via a *totally legal* internet streaming site. I shan’t do any spoilers but if you want something gripping but not too mentally taxing, with loads of sex and dark twists and turns, then you should definitely be adding it to your ‘to watch list’. Oh and…. MY GOD JOSHUA JACKSON IS SO FIT.

Other random articles/posts I’ve enjoyed reading this week include;

THIS ^ Ps I don’t like conspiracy theories, do not tell me about them.

What have been your favourite things recently? What do you think about Making a Murderer? Post in the comments below or hit me up on any of my social networks (links below).

*any meals which were free of charge are clearly stated or marked with an asterisk, you can read my full disclaimer here.

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