These are a few of my favourite things #77

I think it’s pretty safe to say spring has sprung in Brighton. It’s actually my least favourite season and here’s why: the sun is shining and it looks nice enough to be sitting outside a beach bar drinking Pimms, but in reality, the temperature is more brass monkeys than Barcelona… total tease.  Hurry up summer I cannot wait to get all up in you!

In other news, it’s Sunday evening, my life admin list is done, clean bedsheets are on and I’ve had a really lovely weekend, and week, actually. I posted two reviews over the past few days, and was totally overwhelmed by the response they got, so thank you all, I’ve missed you too. You can read those posts here and here, if you missed them. I don’t want to jinx myself, but, I’m starting to feel like my mojo might be back to stay (I hope).

Cooking up a storm

It’s not just round these parts that there’s been lots of productivity, my kitchen has been seeing a lot of action over the last few weeks too, I even baked a cake! I’ve been enjoying testing out the most recent Nigel Slater book (middle and bottom middle) and have earmarked lots more recipes to have a bash at in the coming weeks.  I tweeted him with pics of my recreations, and he replied, both times – no biggy… LOL jokes, I totally fan-girled and posted a screenshot on Facebook, and sent it to my Mum, as well. Cool Rosie, real cool.

Daith piercing update

Since I originally posted about getting a daith piercing in the hope it might reduce, or even stop my regular migraines, a lot of you have contacted me via social media to see if it’s made a difference, so here’s a little update.

Has it worked? I’m still getting migraines, but haven’t vommed (soz), or had auras, with them, since getting being pierced. Has it healed? NO, I want to shout ‘fucking mind out’ every time someone hugs me, it’s not all gross and infected or anything, but it makes its presence felt if touched or knocked at all. So not quite the miracle cure I’d hoped for, but definitely worth a shot.

I’m actually managing a lot better recently anyway, thanks to some magical prescription pills, called Imigran (sumatriptan). They’re pretty hardcore, and the list of possible side effects is a terrifying read, but if you suffer and nothing else works, then definitely chat to your doctor about them.

I did get my flatmate to take a photo of it, but the more I looked at the picture the weirder it looked and it started pranging me out and giving me a complex about my ear (and I quite like my ears), so you’ll just have to use your imagination, or google daith piercings.

Getting back in to baths

After years of shunning baths mainly because I didn’t used to find them the least bit relaxing, I’ve been falling back in love with them again, thanks to Lush and their glorious selection of bath bombs and bubble bars. The purple beauty pictured above was a gift from my babe of a friend, Alice, and it’ll definitely be getting a repurchase once I’ve worked my way through that one.

However, obviously now I’m dying to soak in violet scented bubbles whilst watching boxsets on my iPad, Sod’s law has intervened and decided our pipes should start pouring water through our downstairs neighbours light fittings, every time we pull the plug… not annoying at all.

What I’ve been watching

I’ve been going a bit boxset mad recently, after finishing ‘The Affair’ (Joshua Jackson, I miss you, you fitty) I tried to get into ‘Girls’, but after watching the first season in its entireity, I just wasn’t feeling it at all-am I missing something? should I persist with it?

Funnily enough, the good old BBC has been coming up trumps, with lots of really rather gripping short series. I’m just about to start on The Night Manager, after seeing Twitter go crazy for it, but I can thoroughly recommend the other three – perhaps not before bed though, especially not Happy Valley… it’s like Prison Break all over again – hashtag nightmares.

My very favourite thing

You all know my feelings on the starlings, I am in love with them, fixated, obsessed. They’re usually gone by now (only around October-February), so I can’t imagine that we’ll be treated to their daily murmuration for much longer. I go down to watch them every day that I can and usually sit on the beach having a little cry about how amazing it is. I say it all the time, but if you live in Brighton and haven’t seen them – get your arse down to the beach ASAP, it’s truly breathtaking.


I love a long weekend, and I do have a bit of a track record of ‘going large’ over this particular festive season, with one particularly memorable year when I headed out on the Thursday and rolled in on the Monday, just in time for a family roast… Oh to be young and ridiculously irresponsible again (don’t try this at home, kids, you’ll want to die).

Anyway, this year, whilst action-packed, was a far more sedate affair than the aforementioned one above (nearly 15 years ago, ouch) and involved more eating than I’ve done since Christmas as well as a boozy good Friday, two lunches out on the Saturday , Sunday roast at my Mum’s, and a massive lie in on the Monday. I even managed to swerve any sort of hangover-winning. Roll on the May bank holiday(s)!

Always try to believe you’ll land sunny-side up

What have been your favourite things recently? Any restaurant/boxset recommendations you think I should check out? Post in the comments section or hit me up on any of my social networks (links below).

*any meals which were free of charge are clearly stated or marked with an asterisk, you can read my full disclaimer here.

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  1. April 4, 2016 / 9:22 am

    I loved the Night Manager! We are currently watching Better Call Saul and Vikings- I look forward to the new seasons of Penny Dreadful and GoT too..! I've really been enjoying cooking too lately, I've been trying new things like game and avocado, plus learning how to make slow cooker food anything but slop. It's been fun! lovely to stumble upon your blog via Twitter today (I already followed you on Insta and didn't realised you blogged), I look forward to reading more often- I have a friend on the same tablets and they've really helped her so I hope very much the same for you x

    • April 4, 2016 / 9:11 pm

      I feel like I need to rewatch Breaking Bad to truly appreciate BCS! mmmm game, I bloody love it, I go through phases with cooking, but it should be a permanent thing as it makes me feel happy and relaxed. The pills are like magic, so happy that they're working for her to, they can be so debilitating. Thank you for commenting xx

  2. April 4, 2016 / 1:19 pm

    GET YOUR PIERCING OUT FOR ME, I'm tempted to get one too as I also suffer from regular migraines and headaches and the likes and I love a little ear jewellery…

    Sophie xx

    • April 4, 2016 / 8:45 pm

      It's definitely worth a try luv, but it's healing time is a bitch! I was the biggest wuss ever when they actually pierced me though, haven't had anything done for decades!! xx

  3. June 24, 2022 / 2:37 pm

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