These are a few of my favourite things #79

At the beginning of this week I certainly didn’t think there’d be enough content for a favourite things post, especially given that Tues-Fri was spent on a liquid-only diet. But in actual fact, I’ve had a bloody great week, so much so that it’s Sunday night* (my least favourite time of the week) and I’m positively beaming looking back at all of the loveliness that’s occurred over the past seven days.

* I had the very best of intentions, obvs, but it’s Wednesday now… sorryyyyy guys, I suck.

Brewdog Beer School*

On the eve of a four day fast I did what any sensible adult would do, and went to beer school, and got more than slightly, um, merry. I shan’t give you all the deets as there’s a full review of my experience at Brighton Brewdog Beer School, to follow, but I had a wicked time, learnt loads about beer and ate some very good buffalo wings as well. And just know, if anyone ever tells you that you ‘don’t get hangovers from craft beer because it’s so clean’… this is a pack of lies, ok.

Got my hair did by the best in the biz

So in my infinite wisdom I decided that a hair appointment would be just what I needed with a vicious hangover, but thankfully the guys at House of hair were extremely gentle with me and I left  transformed from a pukey wreck to someone who pranced out of the salon swooshing her hair like a wannabe John Frieda model.

Rob (the owner and my longterm pal) gave me a whole head of highlights, using three colours and all the expertise he has picked up over the last year becoming a colour specialist with the prestigious Loreal ID team, in addition to his 14 years experience too.

I wouldn’t go anywhere else to get my hair coloured, I really wouldn’t. His lovely colleague Luke gave me a wavy blow (ooh er) that looked fresh for days after, again, this boy has got mad skills with a hair dryer – go see them, you’ll come out feeling like a million dollars – I promise.

Walking in the bluebell woods with my Mama

When I was younger my Mum used to try and get me to go for walks in the bluebell woods with her, and I’d refuse point-blank, for various reasons, the main one being I was a lazy little cow. It became a bit of a (morbid) running joke with my Mum that I’d regret it if she died (CAN YOU IMAGINE THE GUILT).

Now I’m older and would literally do anything in the world my Mum asked me to, and because walking in the countryside is no longer the most repellant idea in the world, to me, it’s now something I happily do every spring time. The above bluebells can be found in the woods in Blakehurst, just outside Arundel, and should be about for the next few weeks, if you’re into that sort of thing.

My first meal in 4 days

During my juice cleanse numerous people in my insta feed visited Bone Daddies, tormenting
me with pictures of giant bowls of ramen, steamed pork buns and all kinds of other amazingness – it was this that saw Goemon Ramen Bar, on Preston Street, shoot to the top of my list places to eat once my purgatory was over.

I shan’t be writing a full review of my experience this time around, quite simply because I had exactly what I had last time: Japanese fried chicken, shrimp gyoza and tonkotsu ramen with extra chilli paste. I’m happy to report that it was, in fact, even better than the last time and every table was full at 3pm on a Saturday.

On top of the fact it was my first square meal in nearly five days, they also made my day by coming over immediately and saying they still get lots of customers in off the back of my 2014 review *insert heart eyes emoji*.  This is genuinely the reason that I’ve kept this site going for the last 4 years, sharing the best places to eat in the city I love and it’s always great to hear that you listen,
so if you ever do go somewhere as a result of reading my blog – please do tell them! 

Read my full review of my last visit to Goemon Ramen here.

Pizza 500 revisit

I’ve made no secret at all of my love for Pizza 500, and although they have been pipped to the post for my ‘Brighton’s best pizza’ title (big up Nuposto) there’s nowhere in Brighton I would rather eat Italian food. I was delighted to see that they were packed to the rafters with a constant turnover of tables – they aren’t the most active on social media or marketing – but their fab menu and buzzy atmosphere must be making a name for themselves.

The seafood pasta from the specials was my main course conquest, but I happily hoovered up the remainder of my friend’s pizza and arancini too (hollow legs). When we asked for the bill the lovely owner, Leo, sent me out a complimentary dessert of calzone filled with my gelato of choice (pistachio) and it was UH-MAZING and will be making an appearance on their ever-changing specials board soon.

Read my full review of my last meal at Pizza 500 (including the pizza pictured above) here.

A light dessert at MEATliquor

I’ve eaten a lot of chicken wings recently, and written about them, and every time I have, I’ve compared them to my favourites, the cream of the Brighton crop – MEATliquor’s bingo wings. Despite being close to critical mass, food-wise, a few of their very strong and delicious cocktails whet my appetite for some chicken and deep-fried pickles, an absolute must if you ever visit – they’re the ideal bar snack, starter or side-dish.

Thanks to the lovely Manager Alice and her team for looking after us so well, as always x

Clothes shopping for the first time in months!

I went into town on a Sunday, something I never do, because eww – crowds, queues and shops that have been ravaged with clothes everywhere but on the rails and hangers on which they belong. But as you can see, I actually overcame my squeamishness and did rather well. Turns out I’m very partial to stripes and not at all keen on colour…

THIS. And don’t take any more of their shit, either.

What have been your favourite things recently? Any restaurant/boxset recommendations you think I should check out? Post in the comments section or hit me up on any of my social networks (links below). 

*any meals which were free of charge are clearly stated or marked with an asterisk, you can read my full disclaimer here.

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