These are a few of my favourite things #83

I don’t ever talk about my work on here because Rosie Posie is a very separate thing, another world in fact, but…. I HAVE GOT A NEW JOB STARTING TOMORROW! I had the very best intentions of what I’d do with my time during the two weeks before I started, but the reality is, I have spent it eating, drinking, sunbathing and seeing all the people I love – basically having a right laugh.

 I’ve eaten out an exorbitant amount of times in the last 14 days, even by my standards, so I’m going to do a round up post summarising them all, they were mainly revisits of places I’ve reviewed before, but they definitely deserve another mention.

 I feel like a bit of a broken record, keeping on apologising about patchy appearances on here, but I am sorry, I’ve been freelancing on and off for the last 7 months so haven’t had a ‘routine’ as such, but this new job is a permanent role = more structure. Despite my love of spontaneity, it’s not conducive to regular blog activity, but I have no intention whatsoever of stopping. I’ll get my groove back, I always do, then you’ll be sick of the sight of me flooding your social media feeds!

As well as eating out a lot, cooking hasn’t ground to a halt at all, and I’m determined to keep it up now I won’t be at home so much. Burrata has been featuring heavily, as you can see above, and it’s not the healthiest of my eating habits, but it’s just so delicious I can’t resist. Now asparagus season is well and truly over I’ve been consoling myself bt eating excessive amounts of tomatoes – I found some green ones yesterday in Hisbe, and I’m going to sandwich them with cream cheese and fry them in breadcrumbs. I’m making myself hungry again just thinking about it… I’ll report back, obvs.

Puppies, playsuits and the best supper ever

Most of my mates really hate cooking for me, I’m not complaining at all as it means I get a lot of meals out paid for by them instead, my friend Alex, however, loves it, and what’s more – she is absolutely brilliant at it! In addition to a feast of local prawns and octopus, I got to have cuddles with her gorgeous new schnauzer puppy Didier – I’m totally not a dog person, but he is the cutest.

Can we also take a moment to appreciate my new playsuit, totally not the sort of thing I’d usually wear, but after spying it in the Urban Outfitters sale, I snapped it up for about £20, it’s soooo comfy with a drawstring waist that leaves ample room for food babies and it’s perfect now the actual summery weather has made an appearance.

National Piña Colada day

Piña Coladas are my favourite cocktail ever, so when the PR team from Patterns invited me to come down to celebrate national piña colada day with bottomless cocktails and themed hot dogs from the Dog Haus, I was in there like swimwear. I’ve been to a few events at Patterns now and those guys know how to throw a party. The pina-cola dogs were demolished by us both, as were many, many drinks. A special mention must go to the photobooth – easily the rankest photos that have been taken of me in a while, and there’s been a few!

They have weekly bottomless brunches on Saturdays and Sundays; check out their website for more info on those, the Dog Haus’ full menu and other upcoming events in the bar and club.

My loved ones

The last 9 months or so in my non Rosie-Posie world have been eventful to say the least, and my friends, and my Mum and her amazing boyfriend have been what’ve kept me grounded and got me through. There’s so many more than pictured above, but all of them, with their love, support, vitriolic memes, internet stalking, flat-pack assembling/technical skills, cooking, getting fucked up with me, letting me moan incessantly or being my plus one to things (etc etc) have all kept my head above water, and I love them all. They know who they are, and they also know I’d do the same for them in a heartbeat. I’m so lucky xxx

On the subject of friendships, I absolutely loved these articles on The Pool website – one by Dolly Alderton about what makes a good friend and another by Sali Hughes about how ditching your toxic friends is imperative to your happiness – both extremely thought-provoking reads.

Homeware shopping

I’m not really a massive one when it comes to clothes sales shopping, but homeware is a different kettle of fish altogether. Habitat, Urban Outfitters, Homesense, Matalan and Sainsburys have all been raided for their seasonally discounted stock (not all pictured) – and are definitely worth checking out. I’ve hated our living room for ages now, but a rug, some new throws, cushions and shelving (thanks Tom) have started its transformation into a space I actually want to spend time in. Plus, I bloody love shopping too.

Words to live your life by…

What have been your favourites over the last couple of weeks? Post in the comments below telling me lovely things please, or head on over to my social media (links below) and give me a follow, that always puts a smile on my face x

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