These are a few of my favourite things #84

It’s back to earth with a bump after a glorious weekend, and I’m feeling grumpy, so I thought I’d do a favourite things post to snap myself out of it, and remind myself of how peachy my life really is.

I can’t believe it’s been a month since my last one of these posts, the past few weeks has gone by in a blur, and as if it’s September in a couple of days, before you know it I’ll be saying the C word every other sentence! (I got an actual shiver of excitement just thinking about it).

After being super busy for most of August this is looking like a quieter month which will give me a chance to catch up on my blog. Thanks for the great response to my review of Thai restaurant Cafe Chilli, I’ve got plenty of new additions to my ‘to eat at’ list, I even tried one of your recommendations at the weekend, so I will update you on that ASAP.

I’ve been cookin’

I stopped doing recipe posts a couple of years ago, mainly because I got busier and they got significantly less traffic than reviews and round ups, but I’m getting more and more requests from social media to share recipes, tips and ingredients etc, so watch this space, they may be making a comeback… Let me know what you think, in the comments section at the bottom.

Getting my Pride on

Having lived in Kemp Town for eight years on and off, I’m more of a ‘batten down the hatches and wait for it all to go away’ than a ‘douse myself in glitter and dance in the streets’ type of gal… but then something crazy came over me and the next thing I knew I’d secured an access all areas wristband and done a mad trolley dash through town to buy lurid bright clothing, false eyelashes and glitter.

Although I didn’t actually make it to the street party, I definitely got in the spirit(s) of things. It was bigger and more flamboyant than ever and it made me enormously proud to live in a city which celebrates and embraces equality and diversity, to the max.

My other true love

As you are probably well aware, as well as food, my main expenditure, and passion, is on beauty products. I know you’re all here for the food really so I’ll keep it brief, but if you’re in the market for skincare then you need to check out the Pixi beauty range, I have loads (pictured above) and I love it all – holla at me if you have any questions about specific products. The Essie gel couture polishes are the one if you’re after nail colour with longevity, that Bumble and Bumble dry shampoo is pricey but totally worth it (they sell travel sizes if you want to give it a go before committing to full size), and having recently rekindled my love of soaking in the bath, then I can’t recommend the bubble bars from Lush, enough- they’re, er, lush.

The Clock Tower Sanctuary – an AMAZING local charity

 The one thing that makes me incredibly sad about Brighton is the vast amount of homeless people I see every day. I walk into work every day through Kemp Town and up North Street, and the sharp increase in rough sleepers (36% in the last year) breaks my heart.

My new job also involves doing fundraising for charity, and I was tasked with finding some to work with locally, and The Clock Tower Sanctuary immediately sprang to mind, as my friend had volunteered there a couple of years back and had told me all about it.

Open 6 days a week, it is a safe haven for young people to come in and make use of the facilities; which include washing machines, showers and a fully stocked kitchen.  Run almost entirely by staff who volunteer, it’s a drop-in and advice centre where they also run activities to engage young people and build their confidence and aspirations, such as photography, yoga and music classes, and are looking to add to the programme.

My colleague and I went down there to have a look around and talk about how best we could support them and left feeling absolutely blown away, and determined to raise as much money for them as we can. First up is a 10 week bake off, with all the proceeds and leftovers being donated to sanctuary, and that’s just the beginning, too. If you are looking for a local charity to support, then I’d urge you to consider them. You can find them on Twitter, Facebook and their website.

Happy Birthday Delilah-Peaches!

 My beloved god daughter Delilah turned four last weekend, so I headed over to West-Sussex, weighed down with Disney Princess paraphernalia* to celebrate with her. I know I’m biased but she really is the coolest, most hilarious and intelligent little girl I’ve ever met. I’m pretty terrified of the rings she’s going to run around me and her parents (my best friends) as she gets older, but we are going to have so much fun. Being her God Mummy is my favourite thing ever and I love her a crazy amount.

I tried and tried to embed the video that was taken of me jumping about on the bouncy castle and taking out an 18 month year old child with my arse (and not realising) but Blogger wouldn’t play ball, so follow this link if you fancy a laugh… oh and give my Facebook page a like whilst you’re over there, pretty please.

* The ‘gender stereotyping’ police can take a chill pill on this one, it’s what she asked for, so don’t judge me. Plus I (sadly) can’t get away with dressing her up in miscellaneous animal costumes anymore – gutted.

Booze-free bank holiday fun

I had the most perfect bank holiday. It started badly with one of the worst migraines I’ve had in a while (sad face) which meant that boozing didn’t feature at all, but once I’d come down from a haze of painkillers and bed rest, I made the absolute most of it. The evenings included meals out at the brand new Five Guys at Brighton Marina and Kanok Thai on Preston Street as well as a firepit BBQ at my Mum’s, with lots of lie-ins pampering, cooking and fireworks thrown in for good measure.

Sidenote: I came across this old photo (bottom right), and how much do I look like my Mum, and absolutely nothing like my sister?! Freaky.

What have been your favourites over the last couple of weeks? Post in the comments below telling me lovely things please, or head on over to my social media (links below) and give me a like, that always puts a smile on my face x

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