These are a few of my favourite things – January

I think I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that my weekly favourite things posts are a thing of the past. They’ve always been well read, are a great way for me to fit random bits and bobs that I’ve loved and a nice way to reflect back on all of the things that make me feel happy and grateful, so doing an end of month round up feels like the best way to go, in terms of manageability. I’ll try to make sure the next one goes up by March 1.

January as a whole has been fine, actually, perhaps because I wasn’t imposing hideous restrictions on myself, like everyone else around me seemed to be. I’ve had a couple of really bad migraines, and the cough/cold thing everyone seems to be going down with, but other than that, it’s not been a bad start to the year.

I’ve got lots of foodie related things coming up in the next few weeks, I have meals booked in at MEATliquor and Cin Cin this week both of which I’m really looking forward to. Even more excitingly, I’m getting my blog redesigned! I’ve been meaning to migrate to WordPress for ages so I’m (the person I am paying) getting that sorted as I type, so expect that coming to a screen near you soon.

Home cooking

Like I said, abstemious behaviour hasn’t been a feature of the past few weeks, and my kitchen has been seeing a lot of action. That roast chicken was eaten as a main meal and then turned into noodle soup and stir fry too. The boiled eggs with halloumi and avocado toast with sesame cucumber were both inspired by instagram and a new cheap, easy and delicious fave are the gammon shanks from the rotisserie counter in Morrissons – great for pimping up in all sorts of ways for a midweek supper. My flatmate has announced she is now a vegetarian, so I’m trying to find creative ways to extend my meat free cooking repertoire, so watch this space for that.

Eating out in Brighton and Hove

I don’t know how it happened but I ate out as many times in January as I did during my Birthday month, but there’s just been too, much temptation in my way. I’m not going to talk about all of them individually because most of them have got their own reviews coming up, but if you try one new place this month, make sure it’s Bus Stop. I went to try it one lunch time, and ended up there twice more that week – that never happens, but it really is that good. Other special mentions must go to another 10/10 meal at Bincho Yakitori and Dave at Wolfies for battering haggis for me and treating me to a squid and chips supper, my arteries aren’t loving you, but I think you’re the best x

Home love

I had a massive clearout recently and it felt gooood, my cook books are now a rainbow, my makeup collection is purged of all past their best items and I have a storage unit for my shoes, just small, superficial things that have made my living space an even nicer place to be. And no, you’ve got too much nail polish….

Polpo’s Spritz Saturdays

Up for some booze-filled fun on a Saturday? Well Polpo’s newly launched ‘Spritz Saturdays’ is just the thing. For £14.50 you can learn how to make (and then drink) three of their signature cocktails whilst grazing on a selection of cicheti, including marinated octopus, deep fried olives, crocchette, arancini and crostini. The cocktails are strong (and delicious) so I wouldn’t make any plans for afterwards other than rolling to the bar or pub, going for a nap, or if you’re like me – a pizza at Nuposto before wobbling home.

I think this would be such a fun date to go on with someone, but equally perfect in a group of mates or grown up family. I had a great time, every visit I’ve made to Polpo the service has been charming and the barman who we had entirely devoted to our group, was fab as well. All in all a great experience that I would wholeheartedly recommend.

Brighton bloggers in Blogosphere magazine

Last week whilst killing time in the massive WHSmith at Victoria station, I remembered that my blogger pal Brighton Girl Problem had said she’d an article coming out in Blogosphere magazine, so I hunted down a copy and was thrilled to see my name on her top 10 Brighton bloggers list in amongst some of my very favourites. I’ve read her blog since it launched and have always had a massive soft spot for it, even more so now I’ve got to know the lady behind the words – check out her work here.

Louie the little pig

‘Louie the little pig’ has become a daily joy in a social media stream full of political doom and gloom. This ‘micro’ pig has become quite the local celeb and can be spotted being walked on a lead in Hove or frolicking on the beach – all of which is documented on his Facebook and Instagram pages (picture above taken from one of those). I’m obsessed this animal and I haven’t even met him, yet, and my only fear is that when I do, I will be put off from eating pork forever, and I do not want that.

In some sort of weird synergy, timehop reminded me that five years ago I shared an article titled ‘about that ‘micro’ pig you sold me…’ (here) – enjoy.

Full credit to Aaron Gillies for the winning sign at the Trump protest – just amazing.

What have been your favourites over the last couple of weeks? Post in the comments below telling me lovely things please, or head on over to my social media (links below) and give me a like, that always puts a smile on my face x



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