These are a few of my favourite things – March

What’s that, my favourite things from March post, coming to you on April 14? Yes I know, I suck. Well, actually, my migraines do; last month was one of the worst I’ve had, three in as many weeks, woe is me. Throw in to the mix a full on time at work, practising for a charity cook off and trying to have some sort of semblance of a social life, my little slice of the internet has had to take a back seat.

This post is coming at you from my bed, whilst I luxuriate in the blissful knowledge that I am now off work until May. My plans involve a lot of eating, lounging, no alarms and spending time with my loved ones, and I cannot wait.

I also plan to use the time catching up on my blog – I’ve eaten out loads in the last few month, with some success, a bit of mediocrity and a near-miss re a food hygiene disaster. Not to mention cooking for 30 people in an actual restaurant. So all being well, expect to see your social media channels lighting up like a Christmas tree, with content from me.

In addition to eating out loads, my kitchen has seen a lot of action this month too. A lot of cook off practice, less meat (mainly because my flatmate is now a pescatarian) and some unhealthy brunches and burrata for good measure. I’ve discovered Instagram stories (more on that below) recently and have been putting some recipe posts on there, so give me a follow if you like that sort of thing.

Last week on a bit of a bleak morning, an email landed in my Rosie Posie inbox from a PR at M&S saying that they’d seen online how much I love their Hot Cross buns, and would I like some free ones to taste test for my blog. Anyone who follows me on social or reads these posts knows, that I am obsessed with M&S, so needless to say, the answer was yes.

The cheese and caramelised onion flavour were given a buttering and filled with smoked bacon, and were lovely – I can highly recommend. A few questions from people about whether or not these were weird with all that savoury and sultanas, but I say, absolutely not. Highly recommended.

The chocolate and toffee fudge were the other stars of the show, for me, salted butter is an absolute must though, these buns deserve to be treated with respect.  I had grand plans for a Bun & Butter pudding using the St Clements flavour and some marzipan, but my life became a blur of dumpling rage and migraine meds, so they just got the toaster treatment too. I shall, however, be repurchasing and making that fantasy a reality, ASAP.

I saw somewhere on the internet that M&S are forecasted to sell 2 million Hot Cross Buns this weekend, and after road-testing these little beauties, it’s not hard to see why. Potentially the best blogger mail ever received.

As I said already, March was an eat out lots, kinda month. Highlights included high tea at The Salt Room (review up next), a tasting menu at Isaac at (full review here) and visits to my ol’ favourite Noodles Soup, Busby & Wilds, Nuposto and Bus Stop. Slightly less successful were my visits to Cypriot restaurant, Estia, The St George’s Pub and Bamboo House; the new BBQ and hot pot restaurant on London Road. Write ups of most of these, and a new Brighton brunch post, coming to you soon.

As you all know, I have this thing about pizza… Having tried in the region of 20 different Brighton pizza places, I have nailed my colours firmly to the mast about which ones I think are best, and Fatto a Mano is one of them. They opened their second pizzeria in Hove, late last year, and more recently, launched a gluten free and vegan menu, which they kindly invited me (and half of Brighton) to come and try.

I’ll be totally honest and say, that it was my flatmate who took one for the team and ordered the GF/VG Pizza (with anchovies, love her) and gave me a quarter of it, to test. Not having any issues with gluten (thank fuck, although oats make me feel like I am going to die) I don’t really have a frame of reference, but it was good. Definitely weighs a lot heavier than the traditional bases, but all of the feedback I’ve seen online from the GF’s is incredibly positive. Ditto the vegan cheese, my flatmate loved it, me, not so much, different strokes and all that….

We rounded the evening off with a mountain of scugnizzielli, aka, Italian churros, and were waved off with an incredibly generous goodie bag, full of gluten free treats – a lovely touch.

I ignored Instagram stories for months, as a user and a viewer, but when I sat up and paid attention to it, I realised that I LOVE them. My Instagram grid looks nicer (yes I’m a loser, I care about that) and I love being able to share recipes etc, as people always ask, but they’re a lot of effort to do a whole blog post for, so this is the perfect solution. Another fascinating feature is the fact you can see who is watching!!

I’m a Marketing Manager by day so this is interesting to me on a professional level as well as a bloggy one. Most people I know who used Snapchat have dropped it in favour of Insta stories and Facebook and Whatsapp have added a story function too (I don’t use them) – Snapchat must be seething to now be pretty much obsolete. Well, apart from the ‘pretty’ filter, of course.

I LOVE this. It may have been the 6 glasses of wine and two cocktails I’d consumed before my visit, but it made me feel really emosh – definitely worth a visit, drunk or sober. I’m pretty sure it’s still in on Jubilee Road, in between the library and my beloved Chilli Pickle.

Other than that, I have been loving the series ‘Love’ on Netflix, and the remake of Beauty and the Beast is just incredible. SO much like the original animation and amazing acting too.

What have been your favourite things recently? Any recommendations for me? Hit me up in the comments section or on all manner of social networks (links below)



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