About me

I’m Rosie, thanks for visiting my Brighton-based food blog. I’ve always loved food, and when I say loved, I mean been obsessed with.

My earliest food-related memory is of being on holiday in St Tropez with my parents, I must have been 7 or 8, I had Moules Mariniere to start, then spaghetti carbonara. The latter came in a black cauldron type pan with a raw egg on the side which my Dad helped me to crack and stir in so that it cooked in the heat of the spaghetti.  It’s still my favourite pasta dish to this day.

I started this blog as a New Year’s resolution and as an extension of my obsession with taking photos of food and posting them online.  I’d been reading a few blogs for a while and I’ve always liked writing, and ranting too, so on 3/1/12 Rosie Posie’s Puddings & Pies was born, it’s the only resolution I’ve ever stuck to.  At the beginning of last year I started a weekly post about my favourite things and since they proved to be popular I’ve started incorporating some beauty and lifestyle sections and posts as well and they seem to be going down quite well with the people who read them.

I live in Brighton in a cosy, girly flat on the seafront. I never know what to say in this sort of thing so here’s a list of my likes and dislikes…

Likes: food, my bed, my friends, my Mum, reading, sunbathing, cooking, laughing, sarcasm, social media, trash tv, documentaries, beauty products, words, shopping, writing, sleeping, loyalty, romance, cashmere, tulips, music, the beach, holidays and cats.

Dislikes: Bad manners, poor spelling & punctuation, passive aggression, spitting, liars, being fake, being let down, having my good nature taken advantage of, having my photo taken, wine, low welfare animal produce, tight fistedness, exercise, bullying, jealousy, fussy eaters, selfies and making small talk.

I hope you like my blog x


  1. July 12, 2014 / 9:17 am

    2 cats? & living on the seafront? Major envy 😉 nice meeting u at the nuskin event yesterday- was fun! 🙂

    • July 13, 2014 / 4:05 pm

      🙂 I have no complaints about either thing- very lucky indeed! lovely to meet you too x